Lolitas, steampunk denizens and cosplayers at home at Kawaii-Kon

May 4th, 2011

Nadine Kam photos

Kawaii-Kon attendees are never shy about being photographed.

For the non-anime, non-manga fan, Kawaii-Kon offers a quick intro to the world of cosplay, Lolita dressing, and increasingly, steampunk. I don’t recall seeing any steampunk clothing two years ago, the last time I attended the event, but their contingent is growing, and that adds to the excitement of the event. I mean, if you’re not a cosplayer and you’ve parachuted in for a couple years, if you’ve seen one Itachi and Sasuke pairing, you’ve seen them all. Steampunk offers more opportunity to get creative because there’s no defined character template.

I was there to capture the Lolita Fashion Show on video, but naturally got sidetracked by all the costumes. It’s less scary than Halloween because most people aren’t hiding behind gruesome masks—well, with the exception of one zombie!

It’s always fun to just walk around, and this year I got dressed as a more contemporary, businesslike Lolita, so I didn’t feel so much like a voyeur as in past years when I simply arrived in street garb!

Earl Crawford spent three months working on his “World of Warcraft” Tauren costume, with his daughter as Astrid, the Viking Girl from “How to Train Your Dragon.” They’re with Julia Tashima and her daughter Kaleia.

Xinyun Cao is Hatsune Miku from “Vocaloid.”

Dan is Sephiroth from “Final Fantasy VII.”

Brian Patgue and Jeffrey Lucas are cardboard robots Danbo and Yotsuba.

Lolitas lined the stage at the finale of the Lolita Fashion Show that took place April 30.

Video link for iPhone

Matt Brannies, left, is pictured with Tory Laitila, a steampunk cossack, with kindred spirits in the background.

Won Park, already a master of origami, has turned his craftsmanship toward creating impressive steampunk accessories.

Jordan Miller spent five months working on his Shimon costume.

Kira Cowles, left, is Scanty Demon, and Selina Sonoda is Kneesocks Demon, from the anime “Panty & Stocking.”

“Dragonball Z” family, from left, Andrea Ogata as Bulma, Kai Ogata as Trunks and Jon Ogata as Vegeta.

I was following this guy around for a long time, but my notes got messed up so not sure what this costume is.

Chloe Nichol in steampunk drab.

Rick Oishi is Gray, from “Fairy Tale,” with Sarah Chang as Juvia.

Summer Ramey is “Star Wars” Princess Leia.

Cody Beem is an Umbrella Corp. Undead Squad II specialist with zombie Dale Beem in his sights.

Kevin Nagata shows some of his new toys to Won Park.

Waiting for the start of the Lolita Fashion Show, Erica Antoine is dressed as Ruki, from the Japanese band Gazette, at center is boy Lolita Michael Tromboc and Patrick Upega dressed in elegant gothic Lolita style.

Candace Gabriel is Yuna, from “Final Fantasy X,” and Cregan Yanagihara is Squall, from “Final Fantasy VIII.”

Megan Fellows, right, is Sophie from “Howl’s Moving Castle,’ with her sister Megan as Howl, holding Calcifer, the fire demon.

Sean Matsuo, left, and Jamie Kim, in Lolita style.

Tori Ninetails as Lulu from “Final Fantasy 10,” with Christian DeCosta as Naked Snake from “Metal Gear Solid.”

Angie Hanai is Athena from “King of Fighters.”

Lolita Momoko Ryugasaki.

From left, Ty Yamasaki is Tobi, from “Naruto,” Raquel Algono wears school girl pink, and Michael Uehara is Karasuma from “School Rumble.”

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    The guy with the leaf is actually karasuma from school rumble

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