Luxury goes on sale

June 1st, 2010

It doesn’t happen often, but luxury goods do go on sale, typically twice a year, and the spring/summer sale is on, with discounts of up to 50 percent off retail price on ready-to-wear garments, handbags, accessories, shoes and more.

Toby Tamaye compiled this list of participating luxury retailers. Thanks Toby!

Chanel: RTW, accessories, shoes and wallets; no leather goods. Discounts at 40 percent. Starts June 4.

Fendi: RTW, accessories, shoes at Ala Moana. Shoes only at Royal Hawaiian Center. Starts June 3.

Prada: 40 percent off shoes, wallets, bags, RTW. On now.

Christian Dior: RTW, handbags, shoes, accessories 40 to 50 percent off. Starts June 5.

Gucci: RTW, handbags, accessories, shoes. On now.

Ferragamo: Shoes, handbags, accessories 35 to 40 percent off. Starts June 8.

Jimmy Choo: Shoes and handbags 30 percent off. On now.

Cole Haan: Shoes and handbags. Starts June 8.

Bally: RTW, accessories, bags. On now.

Armani: RTW, shoes, accessories. Starts June 3.

Miu Miu: RTW, handbags, accessories. On now.

Escada: 40 percent off selected styles. On now.

Tods: Shoes and handbags 30 to 50 percent off. Starts June 4.

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