New York Fashion Week set to begin

September 4th, 2008

rebecca taylor

Rebecca Taylor look for Spring 2009. Nice shoes.

New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow, so I am moaning at my desk, wondering why I decided not to go while beauty bloggers try to offer some consolation, telling me on Twitter, “Don’t worry, we’ll spare you the sore feet,” and “Hopefully, we’ll cover it so you’ll feel like you’re there.”

Well, yeah, now I remember the sore feet bit, and I guess that could be equated with childbirth, painful but the pain is forgotten by the time the next one comes around.

I am sure if I were there I would be moaning about the distance and the timing of the shows and why I am killing myself trying to get to as many shows and parties as possible, when, of course the answer is, “You only live once,” and it’s not every day you can share space with Diane Von Furstenberg, Damien Hirst and the Olsen twins.

Check out the schedule here.

I have the feeling that the Spring 2009 garments to be shown will be exceptionally pretty because, given the state of the economy, designers will have to work extra hard to entice people to buy.

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  1. Katlin:

    I sure hope the designers put out some amazing designs (emphasis on design)! I, unfortunately, can’t share the pains of not being there, but I did feel a little tired thinking about going through all the pictures, even though I really don’t have to, I just enjoy doing so! :)

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