Obsessed with Leanimal

September 23rd, 2008

Leanimal photo

Leanimal Gezane dress, $480 at Etsy.com

If you have any stalker tendencies at all, the Web will bring it out by sheer ease of finding information on people online. I’m not really stalking, but have been a little obsessed with the designs of “Project Runway’s” Leanne Marshall, sadly haunting her Etsy shop in hope that she would add something new.

Because she’s been busy with the show, her shop’s gone empty, but now that Fashion Week has ended, I checked it out again and saw that she recently added a white Gezane dress, for $480. Rats, pretty soon she’ll probably be selling in the $600 to $800 Christian Siriano / 3.1 Philip Lim range.

I like all the details in her designs, though she sometimes has a tendency to go overboard, which has been a problem on the show. Self-editing will come over time, but when she’s on the results are amazing.

Leanimal designs sold before she became famous :( :


leanimal dress

leanimal dress2

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