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April 21st, 2009

uh fashion

Nadine Kam photos
Moani Hara models an origami-inspired dress by Alysia Himoto.

TV fashion reality situations seem so controlled there’s no room for the serendipitous times when good images emerge from plain dumb luck. (Don’t look at mine, but wait for photographer Jamm Aquino’s to appear in Friday’s print edition.)

That’s what happened when I was previewing the University of Hawaii at Manoa Apparel Product Design and Merchandising seniors’ designs for their show coming up Sunday at noon at Pacific Beach Hotel. Usually we use the Art Department Building because, well, it’s art. Even in its messiest nooks, it possesses an uncalculated, chaotic beauty.


Designer Erin Ludolph arranges the obi on model Jenna Gyotoku.

Its bamboo forest was perfect for the students’ “Alice in Wonderland” theme, while harsher backdrops worked with more structured origami-inspired creations.

Nevertheless, we were there two hours and started to repeat backdrops, so one of the instructors asked if we wanted to take a look at the blacksmithing workshop.


I spotted a “cage” in the center of the room immediately and knew it would be perfect, but it was a student’s project and the instructor didn’t feel he could give us permission to step into the frame, but the student, Kazuki Takizawa, happened to be sitting right there and let us shoot it.


Kazuki Takizawa stands with his work in progress, while holding a model of the finished work, also shown below.


His honors project is very cool. The structure we were working with happened to be the frame for a solarium that he will be covering with colored Plexiglas. Ideally, for the glass major, it would have incorporated glass, but he said that would have been too costly.

He showed us the table-top model of the structure that looked like a gleaming crysalis or shell form that people will be able to walk into when he’s done. It’ll be a calming green cocoon installed on the grounds of McCarthy Hall May 4. The timing coincides with school finals, when students are in most need of a space to de-stress.

You can check out more of Takizawa’s work at

Tickets for the students’ fashion show are $40, available by calling 956-2244 or e-mailing

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