Open house at Reneux

October 30th, 2009


Nadine Kam photos
My kind of trick-or-treat: The candy bowl at Reneux was filled with a mix of mini Twix and Milky Way bars and other sweets, plus mini samples of Skinceuticals skincare products.

Reneux Med & Dayspa hosted a pre-Halloween open house Oct. 18 to demonstrate the latest tricks for treating your skin to beautifying techniques and products.

There were tours of massage, acupuncture, laser treatment and facial treatment rooms, and the space, above Bamboo Sky, at 401 Kamakee St., is bigger than you’d imagine from the entry.

What was scary was that as soon as I got there, I went under the Skinceuticals skin scope that identifies damage below the surface of the skin, not yet visible to the eye. I did this about a year ago at Sephora, and I thought my skin was OK. I’d been so disciplined about skincare before that, but seeing that result gave me license to slack off … a lot. I stopped wearing a hat, used sunscreen only intermittently, substituted a layer of liquid foundation (that I credit most with protecting my skin since my teen years) for a light dusting of mineral makeup. Those things, combined with the seeming increase in the intensity of the sun added up to one horrifying mess.

Let’s just say this visit was a wakeup call and I’m wearing sunscreen and a big floppy hat more religiously than ever. You can’t stop aging, but a little preventive care goes a long way in delaying the onset of unwanted spots and wrinkles.


The entry to Reneux Med & Dayspa (593-7844), upstairs at 401 Kamakee St., near the Ward Entertainment Center.

facial room

Showing the facial room are, from left, esthetician Erin Wong, massage therapist Kathy Lundquist and esthetician Ava Lim.


Skinceuticals products offer some Rx for troubled skin.

Tiffany Breeden

Spa neighbor, Tiffany Breeden (right) of Bamboo Sky, with Summer Shiige, who brought a few of their clothing racks upstairs to create a mini boutique.

Tiffany Breeden offered a 10 percent discount on Bamboo Sky clothing for the event. She changed clothes three times while I was there to show designs from the boutique. You couldn’t miss her first ensemble, that included  sequined leggings.

Among items she showed that day were silver sequined mini skirts, black sequined blazers and a sequined hoodie jacket. I added the hoodie to my ever-growing stockpile of sequined clothing. I wanted to buy one anyway when I was in New York but ran out of time. The last thing I’m looking for is a black sequined beret, then I’ll be set for life!


Lena Hanson, left, was offering a drawing for her Lena’s Fab Brows service. She’s pictured with Sheryl Gibo and Alan V. of Salon Blanc.

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