Packing for New York

August 31st, 2007

Haven’t been going out lately while trying to cram in a bunch of stories for the newspaper before heading off to New York. I will be packing in spite of all the crazy advice I’m getting to just bring an empty suitcase and buy my wardrobe there.

Are you nuts? What are the odds of finding the right piece at the right time? Shopping on the road is fraught with peril because you’re under pressure to get it “now or never” and that kind of thinking can lead anyone astray. Even in the best of situations, when you’re at home and have a couple of days to think about a purchase, it’s possible to make a wrong decision, so what chance do you have when you’ve only got one shot? Might as well flip a coin.

That said, I will be running into some Labor Day sales upon my arrival in NY, but I will try to remember one of the golden rules of shopping: It’s no bargain if you won’t/don’t wear it.


Lindsay on the left, Jamie Lynn on the right
in Fighting Eel.

I typically travel with only one carry-on to avoid needless suffering. Some things I’m taking for sure are a vintage 1960s Jackie O/Balenciaga-style black jacket, Theory summer 2007 black jacket, Roberta Oaks Spring/Summer 2007 Quaint dress, and two or three metallic (two gold, one silver) Fighting Eel dresses from Fall 2006. Lindsay Lohan was photographed earlier this year in a gold dress that looked suspiciously like Fighting Eel’s dress, but credited to ABS. Fighting Eel’s Lan Chung said she felt certain it was FE’s. I’d have to agree. I can’t imagine Lindsay wearing ABS.

The dress and photo popped up on the radar because Jamie Lynn Sigler was also pictured in the dress and ran photos of the two in April as an Off the Rack “who wears it better” Face-off. I think Sigler won.

Lan thought I was crazy to get so many of the dresses. Everytime I bought one at their Friday shopping events, she would be like, “Don’t you have that already?”

(She doesn’t know but I bought a fourth one at Second Skin at Ward Warehouse.)

I really like them because they’re comfortable and to me, go anywhere, even if they were intended to be holiday evening dresses. I believe in repurposing everything in your closet and jewelry box.

breakfast at tiffany

I wore the Fighting Eel dress in silver, center, to the “Breakfast at Tiffany” event in March, celebrating the 16th anniversary of Hawaii Bride & Groom magazine. From right are Lance Ishibashi, Gavin Kobayashi, Julie Aragaki and Anthony Gambino in a photo by MidWeek’s Yu Shing Ting.

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2 Responses to “Packing for New York”

  1. R. Tom:

    Okay, I don’t follow fashion as closely, but I know what I like and I like that Fighting Eel dress. It’s cute, looks comfortable and probably won’t have to worry about eating too much! What a perfect party dress!

  2. cw:

    r. tom you have great taste in dresses. and i’m pretty sure it’s impossible to not love fighting eel. their stuff is like a comfy yet stylish dreamland of versatility.

    have fun in new york! they dress SO COOL there man. i swear. like all the guys wearing those plain t shirts that they sharpee marker all over. and sweater vests. some how they make all that look so cool.
    i lurk a lot of ny photo blogs and slobber over their effortless style…..

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