Paul Brown’s next-gen hair models

January 11th, 2012

Photos courtesy Paul Brown
Clockwise from top left, David Harada, Samantha Iha-Preece, Alison “Bo” Tanaka and Joshua Ryan will represent Paul Brown Salons & Spas as the “New Faces of Paul Brown.”

Paul Brown Salons & Spas recently named four winners in its New Faces of Paul Brown model search presented by Hono­lulu Pulse, the Star-Advertiser’s entertainment website. They are Samantha Iha-Preece, 17, of Hale­iwa; Alison “Bo” Tanaka, 20, of Hono­lulu; David Harada, 19, of Hono­lulu; and Joshua Ryan, 25, of Hono­lulu.

The contest launched last October with an open call for applicants between the ages of 14 and 25. The public was invited to vote for their favorite models on the Pulse website in November, and after nearly 700,000 votes the top 10 semifinalists were invited to audition with Paul Brown and his creative team, which picked the four winners last month.

Joshua and Bo at the Paul Brown Christmas party with their new ‘dos.

The new models will participate in promotions and public appearances as part of the salons’ 40th-anniversary celebration—officially marked by a June 1, 2011, celebration at the company’s Ward Centre location—in exchange for a year’s worth of services and products.

Once they get a look at some of the hairstyles below, the new models may be relieved to be livin’ in the 21st century, rather than say, the 1980s. From the ’70s shags to the big hair of the ’80s, the stylists of Paul Brown Salons and Spas have seen it all over the last 40 years. People I know who love the ’80s hail it as a decade of fun, and Paul Brown himself is no exception. He’s just as full of life as in his early days, when he was willing to jump into a pool with hair model and shears in hand for a publicity shot, and says he’s looking forward to the next 40 years.

Nadine Kam photo
Paul Brown at a computer monitor in his Ward Centre salon and spa June 1, 2011, marking his 40th anniversary with a loop of dozens of images showing his hair models spanning 40 years of styles.

Paul Brown in an L.A. studio last year, working on his latest series of styles, a couple shown below.

He opened his first salon on Kapiolani Boulevard in 1971, which paved the way for six salons and full-service spas throughout the islands, as well as his eponymous international haircare line. I didn’t realize his business encompassed so much in the early days, including being an advertising agency.

But the hair. Oh my! It was a time when stiffening product proliferated and intense color came into play, created to suit the extreme fashion of the day, which was angular and geometric, as in zoot suits, padded shoulders and wasp waists. Not being an extreme person myself, I hated it and was so happy when the ’90s came and washed it all the way with clean, simple lines.

The ’80s did make for some memorable picture-making, though. Below, Paul Brown style through the years, courtesy of the salon:

Paul Brown in a pool with a model and his trusty scissors.

Atomic inspiration.

Looks like the ’80s.

Horton hears a wha …?

Orchid meets vampire.

Moving into modern times.

Chynna Phillips was one of Paul Brown’s celebrity models at one point.

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