Picture making behind the scenes

January 9th, 2011

Nadine Kam photo

It’s always fun to go behind the scenes of a photo shoot because theret are always those pieces that never get seen, ending up on the proverbial cutting-room floor.

When choosing clothing we always gather a little bit more than we need, just in case a particular ensemble doesn’t work out on a model. But in the case of a shoot involving Anya Rozova, I needn’t have worried. She looked fantastic in everything. That brings a dilemma of another sort, what to shoot.

These are the final days for picking up the December-January issue of HI Luxury, where you can see what made it onto the pages, but one of the pieces that I really loved that didn’t make the final cut was the black dress above, from Neiman Marcus, with Art Deco lines.

It was very angular when she stood, in contrast with the rest of the shoot, which was more Art Nouveau, shot at the home of hair stylist Kensei Takeda. He had dressed his home for the holidays, down to the candles and red and gold flourishes around his whirlpool tub. Anya and I loved the bathroom and the dress, and just put two and two together for the impromptu iPhone shot.


Meanwhile DISfunkshion magazine is preparing to launch its next issue featuring E! Television’s Debbie Matenopolous as their model in a Fairytale/Bohemian-themed pictorial, with a March party to take place at The Edition Waikiki.

As a teaser, they send over a few photos from the session, featuring a mix of clothing from Andy South and Nordstrom, and dozens of accessories. Sometime model Adam Jung was the photographer for the shoot produced by Tyson Joines, with wardrobe by publisher Hugette Montesinos and Kyle Kagamida, with an assist by Allie Lee.

Photos courtesy DISfunkshion
Debbie Matenopolous in the makeup chair.

Matenopolous in a gold swimsuit from American Apparel.

Photographer Adam Jung, left, contemplates the scenery with videographer Steve Wyman.

Plenty of accessories to choose from.

And shoes.

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5 Responses to “Picture making behind the scenes”

  1. artonawing:

    Anya looks fantastic! Nadine, I am so excited, Debbie wore Art on A Wing in the photoshoot!

  2. Nadine Kam:

    That’s great!

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  4. Tyson Joines:

    The article and pictures look great! Thanks again for the write-up! Feel better please, you sounded really sick on the phone :(

  5. Jennifer Kem:

    Great story Nadine! And can’t wait to see the issue. Looks pretty fierce.

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