Polynesia style on the runway

October 1st, 2010

Nadine Kam photos and video stills
A colorful marketplace was set up outside the showroom for browsing before and after the Hawaii Fashion Week-Polynesia Style fashion shows.

Ralph Malani continues to promote Hawaiian-Polynesian talent, moving from models, to performers, and now, fashion designers.

With Cliff Duldulao, he staged “Hawaii Fashion Week — Polynesia Style” on Sept. 5, creating a one-evening marketplace at Level 4 in the Royal Hawaiian Center, along with fashion shows featuring the designs of Estelle Green, Kalolo Samoa, Le Apia and Missing Polynesia, and Tiare Teiti.

There was plenty of entertainment as well, with performances by the Keoni Souza Trio, ‘Anelaikalani, the duo Mahea (Mahi Crabbe and Blayne Asing), and Anuhea Jenkins, who also did her part as a model.

Ida Teiti with Hawaii Fashion Week-Polynesia Style producers Ralph Malani, center, and Cliff Duldalao.

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One of Ida Teiti’s designs for Tiare Teiti.

Anuhea Jenkins in Missing Polynesia.

A men’s look from Missing Polynesia.

Designer Sina Thomsen, right, with Chellie Marquez, left, and Lani Ah Yek.

Shoppers converged on the clothing racks after the show.

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  1. Shennell Rogers:

    Aloha….. I have been admiring you clothing line…. and am very interested in purchasing a dress…..How will i be able to do that? I have been on your website but only see 1 style….. how am i able to view and possibly order being that i am so far away…… I am from hawaii and actually danced with Capella…. anyway just want to still keep the hawaiian style no matter where the Army takes us. Hoping to hear from you soon. I actually live in colorado springs and dance hula. After seeing a dress from Missing Polynesia, The girls in the halau may be interested in making a purchase as well.

    Aloha….. Shennell Rogers

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