“Project Runway” on Ala Moana Centerstage

April 27th, 2011

Nadine Kam video stills
Here is one of the looks presented by Mondo Guerra at Ala Moana Center April 23.

The cheers for “Project Runway” Season 8 designers Casanova, Christopher Collins, Michael Drummond and Mondo Guerra, following their fashion show at Ala Moana Center’s Centerstage, could be heard all the way at the Diamond Head end of the mall. I found that out when I stopped into Q-Pot for a peek at their new Disney collection immediately after the show, and staffers there told me they could hear the crowd minutes before.

The roar was loudest just before I arrived at the store, with the presentation of Mondo’s collection, who showed once again why so many people thought he should have won the show. His vision is so unique, and his Mondrian-meets-3D movie collection didn’t disappoint.

Earlier in the week, I had learned the source of his creativity while he was speaking to Fashion Technology students at Honolulu Community College. Mondo said that when he was a kid, “I had no motor skills. I had a hard time walking.”

As part of his rehabilitation, a therapist would put objects into a paper bag and he would have to feel it and tell what it was, even what color it was, fueling his imagination. “I was able to apply what I was feeling to color and mixing patterns,” he said, to the point that his garish combinations drew incredulous stares from his fellow competitors.

“Whenever they’d see my stuff on the table, it just looked like a lot of mess, but it’s really my process,” he said.

At the show, he talked about working at art as a way of working through pain.

Mondo hasn’t abandoned the giant houndstooth patterns he was noted for on the show.

Michael Drummond was also one of my favorite designers in the show and I just loved the light-as-air knits he sent down the runway, as well as cleverly dyed pieces, one bearing the imprint of a dress on top of a dress. I coveted the sweater he was wearing when he walked into the room at HCC earlier in the week, and saw how it looked masculine, but on a woman would be exquisitely feminine, and on the runway, he did send a female model out with it on!

At the show, Andy said that when he saw Michael’s collection, he also wanted to try them on right away because they looked so soft. Some of his dresses just transport you to another place—maybe not a real place since I was imagining wood nymphs—but one that you may to be. And who wouldn’t want to be a free forest spirit?

The show was hosted by fellow castmate Andy South, who offered a brief interview with each designer before the show started. In the video, I linked the show with their comments about their collections.

One of Michael Drummond’s knit dresses. Loved it! Sorry it’s from a video still so you can’t see it, but the yarn is so wispy delicate and sheer. Now I wish I had asked him what the fiber is. It looked like it might have been cashmere.

iPhone link for fashion show

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3 Responses to ““Project Runway” on Ala Moana Centerstage”

  1. Mary Anne Bruno:

    Where can I purchase some of Michael Drummond’s collection? Particularly the 2nd white on blk dress, 3rd tie dye dress and fish scale dress? Please advise.

  2. Nadine Kam:

    The capiz shell dress was his PR audition piece so, unfortunately, not likely to be replicated. He takes commission inquiries at his website http://thexquisitecorpse.com

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