Shoe crazy after all

August 4th, 2008


Bill Cunningham for the New York Times
Click on the photo to view Bill’s narrated slide show on his recent “On the Street” photo feature on the appeal of the heel.

Went to Ala Moana over the weekend to help the boyfriend pick out a jacket and nearly escaped unscathed. It was my mistake to walk into Nordstrom at the end of the day, “just for a look.” I wanted to see clothes coming in for fall—it’s a work thing. Never made it that far. Got sidetracked by a 2-day shoe sale going on and a pair of $60 shoes.

Tried it on. It was OK, but did I tell you these guys are goooood. The salesman didn’t just bring one pair of shoes; he brought out something like 10 different pairs. Even though I already have a pair of super-shiny red shoes, I tried on three more. In the end, one pair stood out — a pair of Stuart Weitzmans. And of course once the platform stilettos were on my feet, I had to have them.


The funny thing is, I had just gone to the Weitzman boutique opening Friday and thought myself immune. That happens at a high-end boutique because you know you really shouldn’t be buying, so you will yourself to tune out, though I did not see this style there. But at Nordstrom, when it’s mixed in with $60 shoes and $100 shoes, you get lulled into thinking, “How bad can it be?” With Weitzman, oh, it be.

Learning to walk in them without breaking a leg, when I’m most at home in rubbah slippahs, will be a trick, but then I start to think of those women in New York, who wear heels all around the city on a daily basis. See Bill Cunningham’s photo at the top of the page and click on the image for a slide show. If they can do it, I certainly can try.

I love all the new peep-toe pumps and booties and two-tone styles coming in as well.

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  1. jenn:

    those are really cute shoes! i dont blame you for splurging.

  2. deegah:

    those shoes are super cute!

  3. Marcelo Rabal:

    Really enjoy the post. Perhaps mens causal shoes source would guide someone there.

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