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December 6th, 2011

Nadine Kam photos
Barrio Vintage curator Bradley Rhea, right, with Jonathan Saupe and shopper Tamara Allen.

While waiting Friday night for the Milk & Honey fashion show to start, I wandered upstairs to the Chinatown Artists Lofts in the neighboring Mendonca Building to stop by Barrio Vintage, which, like a rare blossom, opens but two times a month, on First Fridays and Slow Art Friday on the third week of the month.

While I was browing the racks, it was great to turn around and see the familiar face of stylist-owner Bradley Rhea who I’d met a couple weeks before at Nordstrom.

Having moved here from the desert and big sky locale of Tucson, Ariz., Bradley still marvels over some of the otherworldliness of Chinatown, but feels Barrio Vintage fits in with its combination of “style surprises and great prices.”

Great prices is right. I was a little scared looking at a white sequin blouse with no price tag in sight. I was imagining up to $40 would be fair. So when Brad said $10, I was like, “Sold!”

Deena Frooman, who tried on one of Barrio Vintage’s coats, while her friend Stacy Cowell tried on a vintage Hawaiian print blazer, said she had a ready caption for this photo: “We’re vintage and so are the clothes.” Thanks for that!

Another girl who was snatching up $3 pieces from a suitcase was more emotive, saying, “I love this place and I love you guys!”

Going through the suitcase, I found a cute polka dot skirt that reminded me of Marni’s spring 2012 print for H&M, but had to pass because it might have been too small.

I didn’t stay long because the show downstairs was about to start, but I look forward to seeing what’s coming in months ahead since he has ideas of collaborating with like-minded artists, independent jewelry designers and apparel designers with a similar aesthetic.
Barrio Vintage is at 1109 Maunakea St. #208.

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