Spring at Escada

March 31st, 2010


Nadine Kam photos

Escada boutique general manager Mariese Montano-Smith, center, with models Brigitte Patton, left, and Deanna Elerick.

Escada hosted an informal soiree March 26 to introduce its spring collection, made to hit the road, with plenty of casual separates, including denim, and breezy resort-ready print gowns, dresses and tops.

Models Brigitte Patton and Deanna Elerick were tapped to wear the Escada designs, with about 10 changes of clothing each throughout the evening.

At one point I heard a voice from above calling my name, looked up and it was model Desmond Centro. Almost didn’t recognize him with his hair now cut short.


Deanna wears another ensemble from Escada. Love the purple and green hues.


Model Brigitte Patton in Escada’s light denim and cropped jacket.

yushing belly

At one point I turned around to see Hawaii Red Magazine’s Malie Moran rubbing Midweek Style Editor Yu Shing Ting’s belly. She’s due in July. Apparently, the pregnant belly is a magnet, not only to friends and family, but strangers, Yu Shing said. 


Caleb Shinobi arrived in style with Mary Jalei, and the pair were swarmed by the ever-growing numbers of Hawaii paparazzi.


Diorella Berger was also in the house.


Condesa-Azria Nora Meijide-Gentry and her daughter Candes Meijide Gentry, who blinged the heels of her sandals with crystals secured by Gem-Tac adhesive.


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  1. Brigitte Patton:

    Good seeing you Nadine!! Always a pleasure and great shots you captured!!


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