Superfun with SuperCW

December 20th, 2009

Nadine Kam photos and video stills
Birthday girl Christa Wittmier and one of her hundreds of friends who showed up to celebrate the occasion at Fresh Cafe Friday night.

Christa Wittmier, a k a SuperCW, Honolulu’s reigning queen of nightlife, celebrated her birthday at Fresh Cafe Dec. 18, drawing out hundreds of well wishers from the realms of fashion, photography, art, music, filmmaking … you get the idea.

Didn’t ask which birthday she was celebrating (actual date Dec. 21); that would just be rude, but the birthday girl seemed to be having the most fun of all, dancing up front to the sounds of some of her favorite bands The Deadbeats, The Jump Offs, DJs Eskae and Nicky Savage, and the rest of the evening’s eye candy included a fashion show by Matt Bruening, art by the GroundUp Pirates, some of Christa’s many, many nightlife photos projected onto the wall outside, and the beautiful and colorful assortment of characters that populate Oahu’s downtown scene.

Here’s the video link for iPhone users.

The whole evening was a big shot of energy, something I needed after a long, tiring week, with still many deadlines ahead. Thanks Christa and to Tiffany Tanaka for hosting the great party and for all who offered up their talent.Probably the weirdest thing was that Christa, who’s known for documenting the scene on her blog, didn’t take a single photo all evening. But there were plenty of photographers and videographers on hand to capture the fun, beginning to end.

motorcycle jacket model

Matt’s first model walks the floor in a cropped motorcycle jacket.

matt bruening&

Designer Matt Bruening, with Salem Sipes, left, and Katlin Taosaka, who created the reclaimed hardware jewelry for Matt’s fashion show. After the show, she layered them all, the easiest way to carry them. You can check out Katlin’s blog here.


Another of Matt’s designs.

Caleb Shinobi

The always colorful Caleb Shinobi, with Sophia Nelson.


Christa with her art world friends, Trisha Lagaso Goldberg and David A.M. Goldberg.

Krista Alvarez

Krista Alvarez models a white romper by Matt, with jewelry by Katlin Taosaka, a believer in recycling and repurposing hardware. In this case, the top portion of the lariat is half a metal nail clipper.


The always chic Aja Devoll with Patrick Carroll.


Katlin with Mayo Nagata and Maxi jewelry designer Richie Miao.

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5 Responses to “Superfun with SuperCW”

  1. cw:

    aja got me pasties with tassels on them!! she was like “i’ll teach you how to use them.”

    i died.

  2. Nadine Kam:

    Ha, too funny! That just means there has to be another party with you on stage as the main attraction! I’ll be there with vid camera!

  3. Violetta Beretta AKA Aja:

    HAHAHA…hey Christa….the offer’s still open.

    PS: GREAT SHINDIG! Dont think I’ve seen that many hipsters in one room since…well….never. Nah Nah only joke brah.

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