Surviving First Fashion Friday

September 8th, 2008

Well, I survived First Fashion Friday. Thanks to Melissa Chang and Jennifer Lieu of Aloha Tower Marketplace for inviting me to speak about day-to-night transitions and lining up my models Kristin and Amanda. I sure hate to speak in public, but the crowd was so nice, though I always have to wonder what they’re looking for, especially when, after the show, they come up and say things like, “Oh, I could never do that” or “It’s too hard, I’m just a casual person.”

I was showing really easy stuff that the models could take on and off in 1 minute. There was nothing extravagant, fussy or overly dressy about the garments in my segment, just stuff people ordinarily wear, like Hawaiian print tea dresses, tank tops, elastic waist skirts. It just made me wonder why people would seek help with no intention of adding a few simple tricks to their repertoire!????

Also presenting that night were Wendy Robin of Studio and Stargirl Cosmetics, and Hugette Montesinos of DISfunksion magazine.

For my part, I just talked about simple office-to-dinner, and beach-to-club transitions that would affect the most women. It’s all about appropriateness. If you work in a formal office, it’s as simple as hiding a sexy satin or feminine top underneath your “I mean business” jacket. If you’re casual by day, then throw a nice soft evening jacket or wrap over your day tank or tee. And accessories also go a long way in completing the look. I always see women out with giant bowling ball weight purses at night. Switch it out for an elegant clutch or handbag instead.

If you’re short on cash, learn to love black. You’ll never have to worry about not being able to match pieces.

Afterward, we fielded some questions. Always difficult because you never know what’s going to come out, like one girl just wanted to know what to use on her straight lashes. Well, there’s always the heated eyelash curler followed with Chanel Inimitable or the new Diorshow Iconic mascara, or the pricier overnight RevitaLash treatment.

Then there was one question we didn’t have much of an answer to, regarding recommendations for larger women. We tend to deal with size 2 and 4 models all the time, the ideal straight “rack,” so yes, dealing with mainstream bodies — including my own — with all the bumps and portrusions and less than perfect proportions is a challenge.

Somehow, an answer only came to me while driving around Saturday morning, and it’s only this: Ditch the sack. Many heavyset women tend to wear straight, shapeless tops and dresses that they think they can hide behind, when those kinds of clothes make them look boxier and heavier than they really are. It’s better to look for clothing with shape, that will help to create the appearance of a womanly hourglass figure.

I wasn’t taking photos that night, but you can see some at Jason Soeda’s blog

Up next month at First Fashion Friday will be Cathy Lee of who was in the audience to show her support, and dressed impeccably as usual.

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2 Responses to “Surviving First Fashion Friday”

  1. Jason:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Nadine! That is so nice of you to mention my pix. Guess what? Yesterday, I printed some glossy 4×6 photographs for you, Melissa, Jennifer, Cathy and Lissa. Next time I see you, they’re yours.

  2. Pam Chambers:

    I know just what you mean about people seeming to want advice and new ideas, but then strenuously resisting making the simplest changes! I don’t get it.

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