Tiare Teiti debuts at T&C Surf

July 28th, 2010

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A model wears a dress from Ida Teite’s Tiare Teite Tahiti line during a fashion show at Kahala Mall Saturday.

Kahala Mall’s Center Court was the stage for a July 24 T&C Surf fashion show featuring Tiare Teiti Tahiti.

Each of Tiare Teiti’s garments are individually handcut from a single Tahitian pareo which are hand-screened and hand-painted, in rayon, cotton voile and silk, reflecting creator Ida Teite’s Tahitian heritage. Born in Tahiti, she’s accustomed to wearing the colorful pareo as her primary article of clothing, whether as a dress, skirt or wrap. Over time, and living in Hawaii since the age of 9, she noticed her bright-colored garments helped her stand out from the crowd.

After a while, confronted daily by the question, “Where did you get your dress?” she decided to launch her own collection two years ago, with exclusive prints by the Tahitian artist Mico.

Her  line is carried exclusively at T&C Surf Designs, Kahala Mall, and dress prices are about $170.

Also shown were swimsuits from Honey Girl’s Louisa Hoover.

Ida Teiti, creator of the Tiare Teiti Tahiti line, introduces her collection.

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