Tired of an old T-shirt? Change it up

March 30th, 2009


Nadine Kam photos
A T&C purple, long-sleeved shirt was altered to go from laidback casual to sexy.

Over the weekend, Jon Ching, manager of T&C Surf Designs’ Kahala Mall store, presented in-store Deconstruction/Reconstruction demonstrations on how-to recycle plain, old T-shirts into sexier, edgier pieces.

Perhaps borrowing from a burger campaign, the idea is T&C Your Way. This is, after all, the era of personalization and consumers want choices in all matters. So why wear a T-shirt everyone has if you don’t have to?

Ching showed a braiding technique that can be done simply and easily using only scissors, needle and thread. It leaves a ruched effect and a more shapely, body-conscious fit.

The technique worked really well with T&C’s tattoo graphics, so as a result, people bought new shirts like those used by the T&C crew used in the store’s window display. The window was designed by UH fashion merchandising students, and the clothing on view is up for auction, tentatively through the end of the week. When I was there, it was up to $75 for one of the men’s outfits, and $65 for the dress with hot pink braided straps.

For those with no talent whatsoever, or those too timid to take scissors to their new shirt, Ching is actually willing to do the work free, for now. That is a really good deal because the purple tattoo shirt in the window is only $24, and to have a custom piece at that price is pretty awesome.

T&C men

Three men’s shirts were cut and stitched together to creating this wearable collage.

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