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January 27th, 2009

ice bar

Nadine Kam photos
Kathryn Drury Wagner, author of “The Ultimate Guide to Shopping on O’ahu,” center, with stylist Margaret Jen Akinaka, left, and presentation coach and consultant Pam Chambers. Margaret is heading to New York to help with some of the Fashion Week shows coming up in February.

Saturday’s “Ultimate Shopping Experience” had the feel of a class reunion, with many of the designers and retailers I’ve met and written about over the past two years all under one roof.

It was good news to all that people did show up to shop in the Honolulu Design Center’s Cupola, while in the Ice Bar they could listen to the pros’ fashion advice.

The event was presented in conjunction with the recent release of Kathryn Drury Wagner’s “The Ultimate Guide to Shopping on O’ahu” (Watermark Publishing). Kathryn gave the first talk of the day, titled “Miss Personality: An Office Wardrobe That Won’t Put Your Co-workers to Sleep.”

I videotaped her talk, editing to fit the blog attention span, and thought I’d be back to videotape the next presentation. That proved to be too optimistic as I got sidetracked by conversations and lured to shop, especially by that temptress Catherine Fong (just kidding Catherine!) of Catherine’s Closet. I bought three hats from her and knowing my bad habit of buying things to admire rather than use, she chided, “You better wear them!”

Also there were Allison Izu Song showing her petite denim collection and new tank tops, Split Obsession’s Erica Apana, Tanna and Bryson Dang of The Wedding Cafe, Fabulocity, Fashionista’s Market, Ginger 13, Global Village, Mu’umu’u Heaven, and “The Coop” by Hawaii Fashion Incubator, with Jodi Salmonson of Martinique and Zsuzsa Bakonyi-Rodgers of ZsuzsaB manning the booth when I dropped by.


Marylea Conrad, left, was there to represent her lines, Melia Conrad (swim and casual wear) and Ki-ele (jewelry) and. She’s with her mom Leah Ablen and Brie Thalman.


Catherine Fong, left, with Sunny Weeks, brought in some of her vintage hats, jewelry and dresses from Catherine’s Closet’s.

blaine ashley

Blaine Ashley, center, was there to show some of the garments available through her online boutique ShopBlaineAshley.com. Charisse Tao, left, and Dani Checinski helped model some of the garments available at the site.

roberta oaks

DisFUNKshion’s Hugette Montesinos stopped to chat with designer Roberta Oaks who had one of the prime spots close to the entrance of the Honolulu Design Center’s Cupola.

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