What’s with Cary’s hat?

August 30th, 2007

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

If you take a look at page A2 in the Star-Bulletin today, you’ll see John Berger’s photo of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa with Mayor Mufi Hannemann at the Aug. 27 preview of Tagawa’s latest film, “Balls of Fury,” at Regal Dole.

I’m getting feedback from my scene spies about the actor’s ensemble: aloha shirt, normal; jeans, normal; geta, quirky but cool. We’re just wondering about the straw hat, indoors, at night. Ain’t no reason for that, but he seems like a genuinely nice, easy-going sort of guy so I guess we can forgive him for going a little too local.

I wasn’t at the sneak. There are only 4 reasons for me to see a film: great story, great director, great (or hot) actors, great costumes. One out of 4 ain’t bad. All 4 is killer. Still waiting to see “Becoming Jane.” Always love a period costume drama.

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6 Responses to “What’s with Cary’s hat?”

  1. hottie watcher:

    Yah, the hat really didn’t go with the rest of his attire. :)

  2. christa:

    ‘into the wild’ could be a good one. i’m not into blockbusters really tho. thank god for hiff.

    and woah. party mufi. i’ve seen him more in the past month than i’ve seen him, like ever.

    either a sign i’m growing up and being more selective about what events i sneak in to or he is being less selective about the events he attends? whichever….

  3. Daysgirl:

    Surprisingly, the film was pretty comical. As far as the hat goes… Hmmmm… I guess I’d say, “lose it, dude!”

  4. R. Tom:

    It’s my deceased grampy come back to visit…wearing his favorite hat.

  5. Erika Engle:

    Hi Nadine ..

    Congrats on the new blog — and, seriously, way to use the “cutting room floor” stuff that doesn’t fit into the column inches on the page! (You know, the intvu notes that veered from LeSportsac to music, that were interesting and would have been a shame to waste.)

    I don’t do the night scene, but I’ve seen C-HT wearing geta before, the couple times I’ve seen him around … going back years to a career day at a local high school. I believe he was also wearing them in that TV commercial he did for some car/truck business.

    The geta are, “who he is,” I guess (I loved the pair I had in high school). I’m not a big fan of the hat. He’s way cool, but the hat takes away some of his cool points, IMO.

    – Erika

  6. R. Tom:

    To Erika Engle: Like your “Buzz” column. Interesting stuff.

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