Wrestle closet to wrest life from chaos

January 6th, 2011

Photos courtesy ClosetFetish.com
To quickly find pieces in your closet, arrange items by color, left to right. The order will make going to your closet every morning feel more appealing, and may put an end to the feeling of not having a full closet but nothing to wear.

Closet purging gets a lot of ink this time of year, because the new year always seems to be the right time to make a break from the past and make good on our theoretical intentions.

These stories have resonance because the closet is a metaphor for all our hangups and excess baggage, and certain things we’d rather not see.

I started to get feedback on my closet organization story before it hit the public from co-workers who shared their own tales of keeping clothes long beyond their usefulness, or as a marker of a goal to lose weight, while realizing by the time that happens, the piece would be out of style.

One person said she keeps a blue wool suit in her closet, dating to the start of her career, and only now is willing to face the fact that it’s not only dated, inappropriate to the way she lives today, and that she is not likely to ever have a reason to wear a wool suit again. And that goes double for the 1970s boho gypsy skirts and peasant blouses she was keeping.

I keep thinking about the 100 Things Movement, in which people try to pare down the things they own to 100 essentials. Whew! If I could just pare my closet down to 100 things, it would be a miracle, but I think it’s worth trying.

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Denise Richards’ closet, with all her shoes neatly arranged in Closet Fetish boxes.

Star-Advertiser photo
A simple idea struck gold for Closet Fetish mastermind Sommer Meyer, who started her business as an extension of a Hawaii Pacific University class project, and whose samples caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, who Sommer says has about 150 of her boxes.

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