You never outgrow a need for toys

September 26th, 2007

mechahawaiiThe non-kiddie toy craze was a little slow coming here, but you need only check out Split Obsession at Koko Marina
Shopping Center; Mechahawaii, Urbanz Toys and Toys n’ Joys in Kaimuki, and In4mation to know a rush is underway.

Check out the Star-Bulletin’s Boomtown magazine insert (page 56) in today’s paper or this week’s Midweek for
my short story on Mechahawaii and Urbanz Toys. The figure here is from Mechahawaii.

Split Obsession I’ve covered twice in six months because owners Bruce Chin and Erica Apana keep bringing in international artists to add color to the local scene. I’m all for that. Without that injection of energy, the pool can get pretty stagnant on an island.

buff monster

Nadine Kam photo
Buff Monster poses with ice cream — might have been pistachio — and Split Obsession owners Bruce Chin and Erica Apana, wearing the limited-edition T-shirt and tank top created for the early August event. They promise more such artist collaborations to come.

Last artist Split Obsession brought in was Buff
Monster, who lives in L.A., but hails from Hawaii.
These days he’s all about things pink and showed up at
an in-store celebration and exhibition in a pink shirt. Gotta love a guy who’s unafraid of


BikiniKat blog photo
A 3D version of BikiniKat.

While I was thinking of toys and the ’80s concert last
weekend, things sort of mushed around in my brain and I remembered my first encounter with non-kiddie plush toys was in the late ’80s through a super-cool girl named Flower Frankenstein, a free spirit who was an inspiration to me. I bought one of her ‘Fraidy cat painted gourds and tons of her Dammit Dolls and Pipsqueak necklaces for my little vintage shop, Hippie Chicks. Unfortunately, most people didn’t get her work because she was such a pioneer, ahead of the vinyl toy craze and Uglydolls. She ultimately left the islands for San Francisco where she started the Scairy Hairy Toy Co.

With almost anyone findable via Internet these days, I
decided to plug in her name and lo, discovered she’s
still in S.F. and has moved on to nurturing BikiniKat,
a “smart, sassy, stylish kitty” who aims to protect
her fan club members from “negative vibes, mean
people, funny smells and karate chops!”

Don’t we all need some o’ that? Check out her site at

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    3 Responses to “You never outgrow a need for toys”

    1. Eddie:

      Toys are great. They can add lots of pleasure to your life. But I think I am over with PG-13 toys.

    2. cw:

      omg… protection from negative vibes, mean people, funny smells and karate chops?! i love it. LOVE it.

    3. JK:

      Yeah, Urbanz Toyz, one of my favorite places to stop by after eating at Waialae. You have to be quick because, their popular collectible figurines sell out or the series does get discontinued.

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