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Viloria heading home, StrikeForce tomorrow

January 29th, 2010

Brian Viloria left the hospital early this week and is all set to return to California by Sunday. He’s cleared all tests according to manager Gary Gittelsohn and is in good spirits. His boxing future has yet to be discussed. In my opinion, if he has to climb all the way back up the mountain again, I think it might be time to call it a career. But if he can somehow score a rematch with Tamara or promised a title shot with a single victory, then maybe there’s still hope.

As for mixed martial arts, check out StrikeForce in Miami on Saturday night on SHOWTIME. Two title fights, including a welterweight bout featuring Nick Diaz and the first defense of the women’s title by Christine “Cyborg” Santos headline the card.

I’m most excited about Robbie Lawler vs. Melvin Manhoef. Don’t blink, because I’d be surprised if it lasts more than 2 minutes.

Any predictions for the fights tomorrow?

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UPDATED: Viloria rushed to hospital

January 22nd, 2010

Philippines Boxing Viloria Tamara

Philippines Box Viloria Tamara

Philippines Boxing Viloria Tamara

Photos courtesy of the Associated Press

UPDATE: 12:30 p.m., Saturday, 1/23

Brian Viloria’s manager, Gary Gittelsohn, sent me an e-mail from the Philippines. Viloria did indeed collapse in the dressing room following the fight, which was very scary. Doctor’s haven’t found anything serious however, and the thinking is that it was the result of both exhaustion and a concussion. Viloria will be kept in the Makati Medical Center for two more nights and will not be allowed to fly home for the next 10-14 days.

UPDATE: 11:57 p.m.

The following is a breaking news item from the Associated Press:

MANILA, Philippines >> Brian Viloria was taken to a hospital from apparent exhaustion soon after his TKO defeat by Colombia’s Carlos Tamara in Saturday’s IBF light flyweight title fight, a boxing official said.

Referee Bruce McTavish stopped the fight 1:45 into the 12th and final round.

Soon after the bout ended, Viloria was taken from his locker room and rushed to a local hospital in an ambulance. His camp did not immediately give details of what happened inside the room after the fight.

Viloria was later transferred to the Makati Medical Center for more tests, including a brain scan, said Nasser Cruz, head of the boxing division chief of the Philippine Games and Amusement Board.

Doctors at the hospital found nothing wrong with Viloria after he underwent neck and chest X-rays and a brain CT scan, Cruz said.

“It appears all the results were favorable,” he told the Associated Press. “In my view he was very exhausted. … He had no knockdowns. He just got really tired.”

“Even if you are conscious, as long as you had a difficult fight — he delivered a lot of punches and he also received many hits — it’s just a regular thing to undergo a check up,” Cruz added.

Neurologist Regina Macalintal of the Makati Medical Center told DZBB radio that Viloria was in a stable condition.

“He is doing good. He just needs to rest in the hospital for one or two days.”

She said Viloria did not need any surgery and a minor cut to his brow was sutured.

Boxing analyst Ronnie Nathaniels told DZBB radio he spoke at the emergency room with Viloria, who complained of a “severe headache.”

The emergency room doctor who attended to Viloria at the first hospital, Dr. Ernesto Gonzales, said Viloria was taken to the first hospital because he “felt weak” but was conscious when he arrived on a stretcher.

“All I can say is he was stable from the time he arrived until he left,” Gonzales said.
Asked by reporters how Viloria was doing, his trainer, Robert Garcia, said, “He’s fine.”

Viloria was in control early in the fight at the Cuneta Astrodome in suburban Pasay city but he slowed down starting in the seventh round and Tamara took control.

Viloria appeared exhausted and received numerous hits to the face toward the final rounds. He suffered a cut above his left eye.

He fell twice after swinging and missing Tamara and had to be helped up by the referee in the final round.

Viloria wasn’t returning punches from Tamara as he staggered against the ropes when McTavish stepped in to stop the fight.

“I was confident about this fight,” said Tamara, a veteran of the 2004 Olympics. “My team knew this was my chance to become a world champion. Brian is a tough fighter.”

Viloria, a former WBC light flyweight champion, claimed the IBF belt with a knockout of Ulises Solis in the Philippines in April last year, and defended the title with an unanimous decision over Jesus Iribe in Honolulu in August.

This was Tamara’s second tilt at a major belt after losing a bout against Juan Esquer for the WBO flyweight title in June 2008.

Viloria/Tamara LIVE blog

January 22nd, 2010

5:15 p.m.: I’m all set up to watch Brian Viloria defend his IBF light flyweight championship against Carlos Tamara in Manila. The fight is expected to begin around 7 p.m. Hawaii time. Check back for live play-by-play as soon as it begins!


Brian Viloria
Waipahu, Hawaii
108 pounds
15 Knockouts


Carlos Tamara
Sincelejo, Colombia
108 pounds
14 Knockouts

6:33 p.m.: Co-main event about to get underway. Donnie Nietes vs. Jesus Silvestre

7:15 p.m.: Donnie Nietes pulls out the TKO victory in the 10th and final round. Main event is coming up next.

7:25 p.m.: Hawaii 5-0 comes on and out walks the IBF light flyweight champion, Brian Viloria, to a big reaction from the crowd.

Bruce McTavish is our referee. I was hoping for Big Jon McCarthy….Tamara with a 1-inch reach advantage.

R1-Bell sounds and here we go. Fighters trade jabs to start. Slow going early on. Fighters struggling to land punches. Tamara stays on the outside. Tamara fighting defensive, not letting himself get within Viloria’s reach. Viloria lands a 1-2 combo finally. Round ends without much action. Viloria was slightly more active. (Star-Bulletin scores it 10-9 Viloria).

R2-Tamara better plan on stepping up the pace if he wants to be a world champion. Viloria staying patient. Right to the body of Tamara. 3-punch combo by Viloria lands. Right hook by Tamara and Viloria with a perfect counter uppercut. Tamara trying to throw some jabs. Viloria deflects them but doesn’t throw back. Good right hook by Tamara to the body. Two shots from Viloria land. Overhand right and Tamara steps back. Tamara doing a good job at not getting hit. 1-2 to the body by Viloria and a left counter lands. Tamara pressing the fight and Viloria counters. Bell rings. Not an easy round to score. (SB scores it 10-9 Tamara)

R3-Viloria looks fast, but can’t find a home for his punches. Tamara trying to jab and move. 1-2 by Tamara finds a home. Tamara starting to step in and throw. Viloria just misses a big left hook. Both fighters eat jabs. Tamara now on the inside and Viloria floating around on the outside. 1-2 to the body by Tamara and Viloria with a counter hook to the body. 3-4 punch explosion by Viloria finds a home. Left uppercut by Viloria. Tamara comes back with a 3-punch combo. Viloria working the body a bit more now and then lands a beautiful left jab. Viloria swings wildly as round ends. (SB scores it 10-9 Viloria)

R4-Both guys look well prepared for this fight. Looks like Tamara’s nose is bleeding slightly. Viloria looks VERY relaxed. Viloria letting it go to start the round. Slugfest to open. Big shots from Tamara and Viloria with a big counter hook to the temple. That slows Tamara down. Both guys throwing a lot of punches. BIG body shot and Tamara goes backwards into the ropes. Another and Tamara buckles. Viloria pounding away at the body. Tamara though coming back. Multiple uppercuts but Viloria with a left to the body and the crowd starts chanting his name. Uppercuts and body shots are leaving a mark on Tamara. Tamara though to his credit is standing there and throwing counters back at him. Very exciting round. Tamara hurt with a body shot. Tamra trying to tie up Viloria. Big overhand right by Viloria. Tamara steps back. Tamara throing a lot of punches but Viloria with all the power shots. Very good round for Viloria. (SB scores it 10-9 Viloria)

R5-Tamara lands good combo. Left jab by Tamara lands. Viloria beats Tamara to the punch. Tamara though is landing some jabs and Viloria is not countering. Looks like Viloria is more comfortable on the outside as Tamara takes middle of the ring. Huge right by Viloria. Combos thrown by Tamara. Left counter by Viloria. Tamara throwing way more punches but Viloria is landing his counters when he throws them. Tamara pressing the action though. Left hook by Tamara ends round. Bit of a staredown between the two as the round ends and the referee has to split them up. (SB scores it 10-9 Viloria. Tamara lands more, but Viloria hit the big shots).

R6-Tamara again comes out throwing everything, Viloria deflects most of the punches then lands a big left hook to the head. Left to the body by Tamara and Tamara trying to close the distance. Viloria trying to get some distance but Tamara staying close. Trade uppercuts and hooks. Very even so far. Combo by Viloria and Tamara fights back. clean right jab by Tamara. Left hook by Viloria. Tamara really pressing the fight. Have to give him credit. trying to outwork Brian. Two body shots from Viloria, but Tamara is throwing everything. Body shot hurts Tamara and Tamara suddenly looks tired. (SB scores it 10-9 Viloria)

R7-Tamara is pressing the fight which is working to Viloria’s advantage, allowing him to counter at will. Good right from Tamara. And a left. Tamara looking solid this round. Viloria just kind of pacing around the ring. Tamara really taking the fight to Viloria. Lunging shot from Viloria misses wildly. Tamara chasing Viloria. Tamara hits all these small punches but then Viloria will land the big one. Big right by Tamara twice and Tamara is in trouble. Tamara hits all these small shots then Viloria lands two huge shots. Round ends. Viloria hit the two big shots, but Tamara pressed all the action and hit good shots. (SB scores it 10-9 Viloria).

R8-Seems like Viloria is going to catch him sooner or later, but Tamara is tough and is by far more active. Just not able to hit any serious shots that puts Viloria in any kind of trouble. Counter right by Viloria. Viloria looks like he’s willing to take the punch. BIG BODY SHOT. Tamara back up in the ropes. Two big shots to the chest. Crowd rises to its feet. Big shot to the face. Huge jab by Viloria. Big left hook. Tamara’s face is swelling up by the second. Another left hook. Viloria putting a beating on Tamara this round. Tamara’s hands aren’t up. Tamara hurting and getting away from his game plan. (SB scores it 10-9 Viloria)

R9-Viloria is just so much more powerful. Tamara coming out and landing some shots. Viloria is hurt a little bit. Tamara backs Viloria into the corner. Tamara pounding away. Big shots and Viloria looks hurt. Viloria backs away and is regaining himself. Tamara landing his best shots of the fight. Left lands by Tamara. 4-5 punch combo by Tamara. Viloria swings wildly. Trade right hands. Viloria looks to have composed himself. Left lands by Viloria. Right by Viloria. Two big shots to end the round. (SB scores it 10-9 Tamara)

R10-Viloria going to work with his left hand early. Big slugfest going on and Tamara is landing big shots but Viloria hits a big left hook. Trading big power shots. Tamara has taken control and is showing he can throw big shots. Big shot to Viloria’s body, but Tamara’s face looks bad. Big left hook by Viloria! 3 shots to the body by Tamara and Viloria lands an uppercut. Tamara with 5-punch combo. Viloria looks like he’s been cut. Both guys trade hooks. Tamara misses a wild right hand. Viloria with a shot to the body. Straight jab by Viloria. Too fast for me to even type. Left hook staggers Viloria. VERY close round. (SB scores it 10-9 Tamara)

R11-Viloria’s face a little swollen but I don’t think he’s cut. Here we go. Viloria comes out swinging. This is a stret fight. Tamara unloading on Viloria. Viloria is hurt. Big shots by Tamara. Viloria swinging back. Unreal fight. Toe-to-toe. Tamara throwing bombs like no other. Viloria trying to withstand it and fight back. Tamara making a fight out of this. Viloria looks tired. Big right by Viloria. Tamara peppers away with shots. Tamara so active. His pace is amazing for round 11. Viloria doing a good job defending punches but isn’t throwing. Viloria with a right overhand. Good round for Tamara. (SB scores it 10-9 Tamara)

R12-I’ve got it 106-103 Viloria going into the final round. It’s a close fight though and Tamara has all the momentum. Here we go. Fighters tough gloves. Fighters tie up right away. Viloria dancing on the outside. Viloria is tired. Viloria throws a punch and ties up. Tamara rocks Viloria! BIG RIGHT BY VILORIA. Viloria though goes down. It’s a slip. Only a slip. Viloria is exhausted. He can barely stand! Vilria can barely throw a punch. He has nothing. IT’S OVER. THE REF STOPS IT! TAMARA IS THE CHAMPION!

Carlos Tamara def. Brian Viloria by 12th-round TKO (1:45) to win the IBF light flyweight title.

Boxing takes over Waipahu

January 19th, 2010

SPT x1 05

Photo: Jamm Aquino, Star-Bulletin

Brian Viloria, who defends his IBF light flyweight title against Carlos Tamara on Saturday in the Philippines (Friday night, Hawaii time), brought a lot of exposure back to the sport of boxing when he defended his title here last August against Jesus Iribe.

On Sunday, X-1 held a boxing and MMA event at Waipahu H.S. that featured the pro boxing debuts of many former full-time MMA fighters, including Ronald Jhun, Harris Sarmiento and Brandon Pieper.

The MMA fighters had mixed results in their boxing debuts. Jhun lost by TKO in the second round to Chris Cisneros while Sarmiento picked up a unanimous decision win (4 rounds) over Yancey Cuellar of Minnesota. Team MMAD’s Justin Mercado TKO’d Pieper in the first round and Hilo’s Chris Willems won a four-round unanimous decision over Ian Dela Cuesta.

Two of the biggest boxing prospects in Hawaii, Isaac Arasato and Mike Balasi, easily picked up first-round TKO wins. Arasato improved to 6-0 with 5 KOs while Balasi, who scored the knockout of the night on the Viloria card last August, improved to 9-1 with 7 KOs.

The event symbolized the rising interest in boxing once again, as all five of the main card fights were pro boxing. X-1 featured plenty of MMA fights on the undercard, but the clear headliners were the boxers.

Does this show a shift in interest from MMA to boxing? Maybe locally. Boxing has clearly used the interest in MMA to promote its own sport, and events that feature both styles of fighting are clearly becoming more popular.

With the possibility of Viloria coming back to fight in Hawaii as part of a two-fight tournament with Ivan Calderon, as discussed in this article, keep the names Balasi and Arasato fresh in your minds, because they could be the next big thing in boxing to come out of Hawaii.


Main Card – Pro Boxing
135-Isaac Arasato def. Daniel Schilenz by first-round TKO
147-Mike Balasi def. John Hoffman by first-round TKO170-Chris Cisneros def. Ron Jhun by second-round TKO
155-Harris Sarmiento def. Yancey Cuellar by unanimous decision
147-Justin Mercado def. Brandon Pieper by first-round TKO
147-Chris Willems def. Ian Dela Cuesta by unanimous decision
Undercard – Mixed Bouts
170-Dirty Curly def. Luis Santiago by first-round submission
170-Tommy Lawhorn def. Palema Amone by first-round TKO
145-Shawn Burroughs def. Petey Vital by first-round submission
150-Lani Fauhiva def. Jessica Tauala by first-round submission
160-Gaylord Balasi def. Tyrone O’Neil by third-round TKO
165-Jairus Munoz def. Matt Myers by decision
135-Travis Costa def. Chris Mattos by decision
135-Ola Lum def. Carlos Lave by decision
115-Marina Chong def. Sally Tolentino by second-round KO
100-Sonja Soon def. Sivada Koulthasen by first-round submission
155-Royal Kaua def. John Giron by decision

Edgar it is

January 12th, 2010

UPDATE 1/13: The Penn camp has confirmed today that in fact it will be Frankie Edgar fighting for Penn’s UFC lightweight title in Abu Dhabi. Penn was in Vegas today meeting with UFC President Dana White to finalize the fight.

***********’s Franklin McNeil is reporting Frankie Edgar will get the next crack at BJ Penn’s UFC lightweight title.

The article can be seen HERE.

According to the report, a time and place have yet to be decided on, but all signs point toward it happening at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi on April 10 as Penn said on his Web site last week.

Even though Maynard is undefeated (7-0) in the UFC and has a win over Edgar, Edgar’s recent performances suggest he’s a better matchup for Penn.

Edgar (11-1 overall) is 6-1 in the UFC and has won three fights in a row, including victories over Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca. Penn (15-5-1 overall) is 10-1-1 in the UFC at 155 pounds, including five wins in a row (all by stoppage) since his return to the UFC in 2006.