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So I hear there’s a UFC tonight

May 29th, 2010

I apologize for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been very busy with various things and am in Mesa, Arizona, right now covering the UH baseball team.

I will not be able to see the fight tonight, but it has obviously gotten a lot of hype in the media. Rampage vs. Rashad, winner gets a title shot against Rua. Who does everyone got?

I’ve been going back and forth on this one. At one point I was worried Rampage wouldn’t be in good enough shape with all of his other activities outside of the cage going on. However, with so much trash-talking between the two, I can’t imagine he didn’t take this fight seriously in the preparation leading up to it.

If Evans is going to stand and trade with Rampage, which I think he might, then Rampage has a chance. However, I see Evans outworking Jackson and eventually getting a decision victory.

Here we go!

Shogun has his belt

May 9th, 2010

Photo courtesy of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

The best light heavyweight in the world finally got his belt to prove it.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua left Lyoto Machida unconscious in the middle of the Octagon last night, knocking out the previously undefeated fighter to leave no doubt as to who the UFC light heavyweight champion is. Rua (19-4) looked like a kid in a candy store as UFC President Dana White put the belt around his waist following his win over Machida to highlight a very entertaining UFC 113 card in Montreal, Canada.

It took a year longer than I thought, but Shogun finally proved that he is without a doubt, the best 205-pounder in the world.

He is 19-4 and one of his losses came on a fluke fall against Mark Coleman, and another came very early in his career by submission to Renato “Babablu” Sobral, who wouldn’t stand a chance if the two were to fight again. That leaves two other blemishes on his record, the decision loss to Machida that he avenged last night, and a submission loss to Forrest Griffin in his UFC debut.

Many people overreacted to Shogun’s UFC debut. He was out of shape, he had a knee that needed ACL surgery, and he still made a fight of it, losing by submission to a rear-naked choke with 15 seconds left in the final round. I’m sure Griffin is happy because he’s the only guy in the UFC to say he has a decisive win over the champion. However, if that somehow means they have to fight again down the line, it may not be such a good thing for Griffin.

Sixteen of Rua’s 19 wins have come by knockout. He submitted Kevin Randleman once and his two decisions have come to a tough Kazuhiro Nakamura and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, a guy who he may very well see again in the near future in the UFC.

My guess is Rua’s next fight is against the winner of the Rashad Evans/Rampage Jackson fight at the end of the month. Rua has already obliterated Jackson once in PRIDE and Evans could present some problems with his wrestling, but we’ve seen Evans be stubborn in the past and try to standup with guys. If he does that against Shogun, it’s lights out.

Other UFC 114 notes: Good call by Dana White to boot Paul Daley out of the organization immediately. Because it has to, you can believe StrikeForce will pick him up, but it’ll look bad. What Daley did, suckerpunching Josh Koscheck after their fight, has no place in this sport, and Joe Rogan said it best, Daley should be in jail for assault. … Congratulations to Kimbo Slice, who I know didn’t win, but at least showed that while he’ll never be any type of contender, he at least has really given his all to become a mixed martial artist. White said this is probably Slice’s last fight in the UFC, but I can’t see that happening just yet. See if maybe he’s willing to cut to 205. … Jeremy Stephens always is entertaining, and his win over Sam Stout was no different.

Shogun/Machida II

May 7th, 2010

It has taken the UFC 7 months to get this rematch going as Lyoto Machida had to heal injuries suffered in his controversial unanimous decision win over Maurico “Shogun” Rua last October. The two will get after it again in the main event of UFC 113 tomorrow night in Montreal, Canada.

If you remember, I was fairly critical of Machida getting the win as I wrote HERE.

Now we finally get the rematch to hopefully settle this debate. The fight is one of many intriguing bouts tomorrow night. I’m excited to see Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley, two guys I would love to see B.J. Penn fight at 170. Also, how much has Kimbo Slice improved? We’ll find out in his fight against Matt Mitrione, and Patrick Cote fights in his home country of Canada, making UFC 113 one of the better fight cards they have put on.

The main event is obviously what everyone is focused on and I think the mystery and mystique of Machida was destroyed in the first Shogun fight. Rua has gotten better and better every time he has stepped in the UFC cage and I expect him to be even better tomorrow night. At some point, the referee will end the fight, and in the end, the true UFC light heavyweight champion will finally have the belt to prove it.

Fedor, Lesnar will fight 7 days apart

May 4th, 2010

Boxing has Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mixed martial arts has Brock Lesnar and Fedor Emelianenko.

The two MMA heavyweights will be in action in a span of seven days as StrikeForce officially announced Fedor vs. Fabricio Werdum on June 26 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif. Today, the UFC made Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin official for UFC 116 in Las Vegas on July 3.

I think it’s pretty obvious that with the exception of MAYBE Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva, the MMA dream fight for most fans is Fedor vs. Lesnar.

Lesnar is returning from a health scare that at one point seemed like would cost him the rest of his MMA career. He hasn’t fought since defeated Frank Mir by TKO 10 months ago. During that time, Shane Carwin (12-0) has wracked up impressive wins and won the interim title by defeating Mir by TKO in the first round.

Emelianenko (31-1) is fighting for the first time since knocking out Brett Rodgers on CBS last November.

GalaxyMMA LIVE results

May 1st, 2010

photo by Jamm Aquino, Star-Bulletin

Big thanks to the people at GalaxyMMA. Got me seated here cageside with a table and power, so I’ll be able to bring you live results after each fight goes down. First fight is scheduled to begin around 6:30 p.m. Still got time to come down to the Blaisdell Arena, tickets are as cheap as 10 bucks.

All the fighters are introduced to a crowd of about 1,000. We’ll see if more people file in as we get going. ESPN 1420′s Chris Hart is in the cage getting ready to start.

Amateur Fight #1
160 pounds: Ryan Clay vs. Chris Templo

R1-Not much action early on standing. Clay fights off a takedown and gets one of his own. Clay working out of Templo’s guard. Not much action in the first round. Clay wins the round based on position, but couldn’t do much damage.

I’m sitting next to the guy in charge of the whistle. Can’t complain about the seats, but my ears are going to pay the price.

R2-Nice left by Templo and Clay misses with a wild overhand right. Clay gets a takedown but Templo tries to work a guillotine. Not much action on the ground again. Clay works into half guard and tries to pass to side control. Looks like he’s working a head and arm choke. Templo can’t lose half guard. Triangle attempt and Clay gets out but lands a big right. Couple of hammer fists for the first real damage. Clay throwing bombs now. Stands up and unleashes a couple of leg kicks. Second straight round for Clay.


R3-Templo lands a shot but Clay gets a takedown. Templo going for a heel hook. Clay has to scramble but gets out and is on top. Clay trying to work shots from inside Templo’s guard. Templo with a couple weak shots from the ground. Sweep by Templo and Clay on his back for the first time in the fight. Butterfly guard worked by Clay. Templo quickly gets side control and he has Clay’s back. Going for a rear-naked choke. Clay is able to switch and is on his back. Templo not throwing punches though. Templo with a flurry to end. Close round. Templo gets the last round for the action at the end.

Ryan Clay def. Chris Templo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

170: Evan Lowther vs. Markus Kindblad

R1-Lowther lands a monster left high kick and it’s over 20 seconds into the fight! WOWZA!

205: Zack Pang vs. Kimo Sanders

R1-Sanders misses a kick and falls to the mat. Pang pounces and has side control, but Sanders controlling the head. Pang gets the mount quickly but is a little high. Pushes him into the corner and Sanders gives up his back. Pang works some shots to the body. Goes for the rear naked and gets it. Sanders taps at 2:25.

Zack Pang def. Kimo Sanders by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:25 of Round 1

And here we go with the professional bouts. All fights will be three, 5-minute rounds.

Lightweight tourney fight #1

Jenzen Espanto (0-0) vs. Kristopher Kyle (3-1)

R1-Standup war early on, a battle of leg kicks. Kyle takes control with a takedown and starts pounding away. Espanto eating blows about a foot in front of my face. Kyle gets the back and a rear-naked choke. It’s over.

Kristopher Kyle def. Jenzen Espanto by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:22 of round 1.

Lightweight tourney fight #2

Steve Gable (3-1) vs. Clay Lewis

Classic boxer vs. jiu-jitsu fight here. Lewis throws some quick jabs and Gable quickly shoots in and gets a big takedown slam. Gable quickly gets side control. Gab;e finishes by TKO after opening up a cut on Lewis’ forehead with a vicious elbow.

Harris Sarmiento vs. Chris Yee

Jose Salgado automatically advances in the tournament, but won’t fight after his opponent, Kyle Kaahanui fails to make weight.

Good first round. Sarmiento looks better on his feet and lands a big right. Takes the mat to the mat and almost finishes after taking Yee’s back. Yee bounces back and gets a takedown and lands a couple of blows as the round ends.

Second round was more even. Yee started landing some good shots, but was mounted again and took some blows before getting back to his feet. Couple of good exchanges as round ends.

Yee can really take a shot and now might have the advantage as Sarmiento looks tired. Yee starts pressing the action but Sarmiento scores a takedown and is working the body over. Sarmiento again almost gets a rear-naked choke but Yee escapes it. Sarmiento eats a combo and a body shot but scores another takedown. Back up to the feet we go with 2 minutes left. 1-2 leg kicks by Yee stuns Sarmiento, but every time Sarmiento gets hit, he’s able to score t akedown. Takedowns are the difference in this round as the fight ends. We go to the cards…

Harris Sarmiento def. Chris Yee by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Intermission starting now. GalaxyMMA’s next event will be at the Blaisdell Arena in August.

185: Sale Sproat vs. Roderick Richter

I’ve heard good things about Sproat, who is from Molokai. I believe he’s a champion in the DESTINY promotion. High kick by Sproat to start. Throws another kick and Richter catches and gets a takedown. Sproat working the rubber guard. Sproat gets out of trouble twice on his back and then almost gets a heel hook. Quickly into mount and working the punches. Referee stops the fight. What a performance by Sproat. This kid is the real deal.

Sale Sproat def. Roderick Richter by TKO (strikes) at 2:14 of round 1.

170: Brennan Kamaka vs. Preston “Bruski” Louis

R1-Armbar and it’s over in 23 seconds, Louis gets the win and Kamaka’s complaining his arm is broken…


135 pounds: Keola Silva (1-0) vs. Tyson Nam (8-2)

R1-Silva throws an overhand right and follows it with a shot..eventually gets a takedown but Nam pops up against the cage. Stalemate against the cage with Silva trying to get Nam’s back. Nam staying on his feet as Silva has Nam in a belly-to-back position. Silva trying to pick Nam up but cant and delivers a couple of leg kicks to Nam’s thigh. Silva really trying to get Nam down but Nam finally escapes. Nam seems tentative committing to punches, not wanting to overdo it and get taken down. Silva lands a body shot. Lots of posturing standing. Big leg kick by Nam. Silva wobbled. Right hand connects. Round ends with both men swinging wildly!

R2-Silva explodes early but Nam counters. Silva looking to shoot, Nam trying to defend. left hand by Silva connects. Silva lands a big short right that drops Silva. Nam caught him coming in. Silva able to collect himself as both struggle on the mat for top position. Both men standing and Silva looks a little slow. Big overhand right by Nam drops Silva! Nam on top and Silva has him in full guard. Nam trying to pound him out. Triangle attempt by Silva but Nam gets out. North south position now. Very exciting fight. Silva gets up and immediately shoots for a single leg. Nam avoids takedown. They separate. Silva hits a right and then takes him down with a judo throw. Silva with side control. Silva gets his back and has Nam in a world of trouble. Nam trying to avoid the choke. 1 minute left. Nam defending well. Silva kicking at Nam’s legs. Nam still defending. Nam has control of Silva’s arm. 20 seconds left. Silva trying to sneak his arm through. Nam survives. Great round!

R3-Easily the best fight of the night and I’ve got each fighter winning a round. Buzzer sounds here we go. Couple of jabs by Silva land. Nam lands a 1-2. Ducks a right and connects. Silva shoots and gets on Nam’s back. Nam still on his feet tho. Belly-to-back position again. Silva gets Nam down and again has his back. Nam lands a blind left hand behind his head on Silva’s face. Back to Nam defending the choke. Silva throws a couple of punches. Now spins him over and mounts him but Nam gets out. Now Nam on top and he lands a big right. And another. Silva made a mistake switching for mount. Nam in Silva’s guard now. Silva trying to sweep. Silva on his knees and shoots. Nam sprawls well. Fighters up and Silva lands an uppercut. Here we go. Both men standing. Silva shoots. Single-leg but Nam defends. Nam going for a reverse triangle? And he gets an arm. Wow Nam is bending his arm horribly. Silva trying to survive. Buzzer ends. What an interesting final round.

I couldn’t tell how in trouble Silva was with that armbar at the end, but in a close round, I think the submission attempt gives Nam the round. Could go either way though.

Waiting on the judges’ decision….

30-27 Nam, 29-28 Silva, 29-28 Silva

Keola Silva wins a split decision

Silva has the best quote of the night about getting hit with two hard shots. “I didn’t remember getting tagged. I just remembered waking up on the ground.”

Main event time….

HW: Fabiano Scherner vs. Scott Junk

R1-Junk works a couple of jabs but takes a shot to the man region and the fight is momentarily stopped. Junk is down right in front of me and is in a ton of pain. Junk just said there’s no way he can finish this fight. The referee calls the fight but Junk is still in the ring.

The official word is no contest due to an unintentional foul.

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