Agreed with Penn/Fitch result

February 27th, 2011

Was quite hectic trying to follow the B.J. Penn fight at the same time UH pulled out a dramatic 15-inning victory over No. 6 Texas tonight, but was able to get home and catch the replay. It was a little different knowing the result of the fight before watching it, but I have no problem with the fight being scored 28-28. I thought Penn definitely won the first round and Fitch easily won the third, doing enough to earn a 10-8 round. Round 2 is probably the toughest one of the three to score, but the takedown by Penn was better than a reversal on the ground by Fitch, plus Penn busted up Fitch’s nose with an elbow, so that in my mind was enough to score the bout a draw.

I applaud Penn’s gameplan to come out and do to Fitch what Fitch usually likes to do to everyone else. He was able to explode in and get the first takedown and nearly was able to secure the choke. It was a strategy I would have loved to see Penn employ against Frankie Edgar. Fitch did a great job getting out of trouble and reversing position on the ground, which was kind of surprising. Overall, I know some people thought Fitch was a bad matchup for Penn, but it turned out to be a pretty close fight until Penn got tired in the third round.

The big question obviously moving forward is whether the two will have a rematch and if Penn is even willing to get in the cage again. He didn’t sound like a guy that had fought his last fight in the post-fight press conference, but his comments in the ring following the draw were a little telling. As long as Penn wants to continue to fight, a rematch is clearly the right move. With the possibility that Georges St-Pierre will move up in weight if he beats Jake Shields in his next fight, then it could be a fight for the vacant title. Three different reigns as world champion would be a remarkable achievement, and if Penn has the chance, I can’t see him balking at it.

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  1. raiseshandsinair:

    I would have to disagree with you. This might be the first time Penn should have won based on the current rules. I saw Penn taking the first two rounds and loosing the third. I don’t think there is an doubt he won the first round. I think he won the second because he got the takedown, back position, and he bloodied Fitch’s noes. All Fitch got in the third is a reversal that didn’t result in much because he was in Penn’s guard and Penn had enough energy to block Fitch. Penn also go out at the end of the round.

    The only way I see the fight ending in a draw is the judges giving Fitch 10-8 in the third round, which hardly ever happens when someone is in someone elses guard. Infact I haven’t seen a match like that yet.

    The reason why Penn believes he lost the fight is because he doesn’t agree with the current scoring system because it puts too much emphasis on winning rounds and not enough on kicking the other guy’s butt. I agree with his assessment, but for now the rules are the way they are and BJ should have won the fight even though Fitch kicked Penn’s butt.

  2. kev-1:

    10-9, 10-9, 8-10 rounds (how I saw it anyway). Fair call. Good approach by Penn, but once again, conditioning bites him in the butt.

    I love watching BJ fight, and root for him 100% of the time. However, I am getting pretty tired of hearing him contemplate retirement everytime he loses, or comes close to losing. When he ripped off a few in a row as champ, all we heard him say is that he wanted to fight as often as he could for as long as he could. Then he drops 2, wins 1, and fights to a draw, when he is thrust into the top of the welterweight division, and is already saying “I don’t know what I am going to do with my career?” Come on!

    I know people are going to hate me for saying this, but before you lash out at me, remember I am a BJ fan. BJ needs to stop acting like a spoiled fighter. So many fighters out there want to fight as often as they can because they love to fight. BJ gets so many opportunities at the top of the division(s), and he even admitted it to Dana White on his blog interview on UFC. How can you move up to WW, fight one fight against Hughes and then are all of a sudden in the title picture? If your not going to take advantage of that opportunity, then you don’t belong there. You got a draw, so Dana can’t get rid of you yet (as I think he really wants BJ to be gone), but you are already ready to throw it in?

    I think Dana put BJ against Fitch because he thought Fitch would grind him out and pound him like GSP did (which he actually did in the 3rd round).

    Ahhhh pau rant already . . .

  3. Mr. B:

    Well, I give BJ credit for hanging in there with a MUCH bigger man. He not only hung in there with Fitch, but he took him down quite easily. Fitch was a D1 collegiate wrestler, so I was surprised that BJ took him down so easily.

    HOWEVER, BJ is damn lucky that the fight was only 3 rds. Things really started to turn in Fitch’s favor in round 3, and, had the fight been a 5 rounder, I think Fitch would have dominated rounds 4 and 5. BJ’s conditioning, once again, comes into question.

  4. Billy Hull:

    The reason above is why I don’t think I want to see Penn fighting 5-round championship fights. It seems he’s at the point in his career where 15 minutes is about all he can handle. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Fitch would have finished a 5-round fight. But for those 8-9 minutes Penn was fresh, he took it to Fitch in a way very few welterweights, and probably not any lightweights, could.

  5. Mr. B:

    Totally agree, Billy. If UFC fights were only 1-2 rounds – thus allowing fighters to go “all out” and to “go for the kill”, then BJ would win every single fight for sure. However, I think even the most loyal BJ Penn fans could see the writing on the wall – had the fight gone to rounds 4 and 5, BJ would have been in deep, deep trouble because he was gassed. Even when Rogan was interviewing him after the fight, BJ was still huffing and puffing – he could barely talk. Not a good sign.

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