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March 16th, 2009

First off, my apologies for letting this blog go over a week without being updated. I was out in Reno covering the WAC basketball tournament and had very limited time online.

But enough about basketball, this is a place for MMA.

Tomorrow is the B.J. Penn hearing in Las Vegas where we we will get the other side of the greasing incident story from St-Pierre and his camp. A lot of you have come on here and said Penn is just whining, but he does have a point. I’m sure almost everyone has seen the video and yes, I am of the belief that it had no real significance on the outcome of the fight. St-Pierre beat Penn at every aspect. But the fact remains that it did happen, it is illegal, and a message needs to be sent to St-Pierre, and everyone else in the UFC, that applying Vaseline in places other then the face is illegal.

With that said, Penn has a lot of work to do if he wants to win back a lot of his fans. First, his attitude on the Countdown show got a lot of people upset. Then, this whole GSP greasing incident has a lot of people thinking he’s just whining about losing. Now comes the fact that he turned down a main event spot at UFC 99 against Kenny Florian in Germany. The reason? A lot of Penn’s pay comes from PPV revenues and it’s a fact PPV’s in foreign countries do not draw a large buy rate in the United States.

Does it make sense financially for Penn? Yes. Does it give doubters more reason to dislike Penn? Sure. It’s easy for fans to take the angle that Penn is greedy and doesn’t want to fight Florian based on turing down a fight.

Whatever you believe, it’s pretty clear Penn has work to do if he wants to gain back the popularity he had heading into the GSP fight. What to do? Pretty simple. Get past this hearing in Las Vegas, hit the gym, set the Florian fight up ASAP and then go out and do what he’s been unstoppable at, and that’s wrecking people at 155 pounds.

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