Excited for St-Pierre vs. Shields?

April 26th, 2011

So how many of you are excited for UFC 129 this weekend from the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada? Something like 50,000 people are expected for an event headlined by two of the most dominant fighters of the last five years.

Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre ranks only behind Anderson Silva as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. He’s reeled off eight straight wins since his stunning knockout loss to Matt Serra, and his 15-2 overall record in the UFC ranks near the top in the organization.

In terms of win-loss record, challenger Jake Shields is no slouch either. The former StrikeForce champion has won 15 fights in a row, including wins over Yushin Okami and Carlos Condit on the same night in a Rumble on the Rock event at the Blaisdell Arena 5 years ago.

The resumes are impressive enough that you’d think it should be a classic fight and contender for one of the best all year.

Me? I couldn’t care less.

If there’s one word that’s rarely used to describe either fighter, it’s exciting. Shields had the entire Blaisdell Arena crowd booing his victory over Condit in the welterweight tournament final, which consisted mostly of him taking down Condit, staying on top, and doing very little damage.

Sound familiar? St-Pierre has turned it into an art form in his recent title run, going 25 minutes in each of his last three fights to win unanimous decisions. Has he been dominant in that stretch? Sure. But forking out 55 bucks to watch a couple of guys do their best to hold the other on the ground isn’t something I’d be extremely excited about.

You’d think knowing this, the UFC would try to build the rest of the card around fighters known for putting on a show when they step into the ring.

Instead, we get Lyoto Machida vs. Randy Couture. For the fan that’s watched Couture over his career and wants to pay homage to the man that’s helped build the UFC to where it is as much as anyone, it’ll be a nostalgic moment to see the seemingly 60-year-old fight what is expected to be his last bout. For me, it’s just a reminder that I was forced to sit ringside through the Couture/Toney fiasco that to most people who watched on PPV, felt more like they should be paid for having to watch that than vice versa.

Jose Aldo and Ben Henderson are two guys that set the WEC on fire, so checking out their UFC debuts is something worth watching. Nate Diaz is also on the card, yet for some reason, he can’t even get a PPV spot and is instead relegated to the undercard that is being broadcast on SPIKE TV. Understandable putting him on the free lead in to get people to order the fight, but once they do, they’ll be treated to Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Jason Brillz. Yes, in the era of the UFC owning all of the major fighters in the world, somehow Brillz vs. Matyushenko is taking up a PPV spot.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some unreal fights I’m looking forward to (And no I’m not talking Edgar/Maynard III). Overeem vs. Werdum is in June and even though both B.J. Penn and Jon Fitch had to withdraw from UFC 132 with injuries, that is shaping up to be the best PPV I can remember. Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben, Dominck Cruz vs. Urijah Faber, Condit vs. Kim, George Sotiropolous is fighting, plus the chance to see Tito Ortiz get beat down? SIGN ME UP.

Unfortunately, I have to wait until July 2. The UH baseball team is on the road for the first time in two months, so because I won’t be at the stadium, I’ll probably watch being the fan that I am. But my expectations for the event, which I think will end with another St-Pierre decision in a snorefest, are about as low as they’ve been for any UFC PPV in recent memory.

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    Wow you sound like Kamakani Puu back in 2007-08

  2. kev-1:

    I don’t think either is a very exciting fighter, but that doesn’t take away from their dominance in respective organizations. While not particularly excited about the type of fighting that may occur, I am excited to see what Shields does against someone of GSP’s calliber. Heck, because of the potential for GSP to control on the ground, maybe Shields will force it into a stand up affair. That may be worth watching.

    And when is Nate Diaz gonna get some respect. The guy is one of the most ‘game’ fighters in the business, yet seems to get no love. No PPV slot? Come on!

  3. hemajang:

    I older than than the seemingly 60-year-old Couture but watched my first UFC fight last night as Machida did a “Karate Kid” front kick that must have knocked out a tooth or two. At least Couture had a sense of humor when asked if he was going back in the ring and said something about quitting while he still got some teeth left.

    I never paid much attention to the sport but Seattle son is an avid fan and we happened to be visiting him so got to watch some exciting and brutal matches, especially the unbelievable beating the Eminem look-a-like took from Aldo. I couldn’t believe the ring doctor allowed him to continue with a papaya size bruise on his forehead. It was sickening. His face was a total mess but he somehow got it together in the 5th round and pounded on Aldo but he couldn’t finish him and lost on decision.

    Son agrees with you that GSP is boring. His left eye was blurry from the 2nd round and pretty much relied on his boxing skills to avoid Shields strength on the canvas as was noted by the commentators. They both ended up with bloody faces but not much damage or action…match was a comedown from the previous bout.

    Do they have senior discounts at MMA fights?

  4. kev-1:

    Man, I guess I was wrong about Shields and Diaz. Shields was getting rocked by GSP’s jabs! And Diaz got tossed around like a rag doll.

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