Icon Sport: Hard Times LIVE results

August 2nd, 2008

Icon Sport

180: Rolando Dominique (3-0) vs. Kala Kolohe Hose (6-2)

R1-Knee by Dominique. High kick and Hose counters with a right. Hose with a knee and a left hand. Dominique with a big straight left that rocks Hose. Multiple knees. Right hook by Dominique. Back and forth the two guys slug it out. Dominique continues to back up Hose. Dominique with a couple of uppercuts but looks tired. Big right hook by Hose. Left counter from Dominique. Hose with an uppercut to the body. Dominique charges wildly and eats a counter. Haymakers missing from both. Hose stuns him with a left. Hose misses a roundhouse and Dominique gets a takedown. Dominique gets the mount but Hose is up. Hose with his hands on his hips. Back on the ground with Hose on top. Hose in side control as round ends.

(SB scores the round 10-9 Dominique.)

R2-Hose’s corner very slow to exit the ring. Spinning kick by Dominique. Right hook by Hose drops his foe. Hose follows it up. Dominique almost gets an armbar. Big punches from Hose. Referee ends it.

Winner — Kala Kolohe Hose by TKO (strikes) at 1:05 of round 2.

Icon Sport 140-pound North American Title fight
Bao Quach (14-8-1) vs. Mark Oshiro (11-1)

R1-Quach catches a leg kick and takes down Oshiro. Straight into side mount. Oshiro reverses and Oshiro lands about 8-10 punches to the ribs. Oshiro has Quach in his half guard. Referee Chris West moves them into the center of the ring. Oshiro eventually gets him into full guard. Oshiro lands a couple up kicks. Quach fires back with knees to his back. Quach gets mount with 30 seconds to go and has Oshiro’s arm pinned under him. Quach has the armbar. Oshiro doesn’t tap. Doesn’t tap. Round ends. Quach warned for holding the armbar after the bell.

(SB scores the round 10-9 Quach.)

R2-Spinning back kick attempt by Oshiro. Oshiro lands a right but Quach shoots in and scores a takedown. Into half guard. Quach with an armbar attempt but Oshiro escapes as the slide under the bottom rope. Fight restarted in side position. Quach gets the armbar again. It’s over. No Oshiro somehow gets out. Oshiro on top and staggers him. Back to their feet. Oshiro with mean shots. Quach is stunned. How did he escape it again?!?! Quach is bloodied but shoots in and gets a takedown. Oshiro tries for the rubber guard. Back to side control. Quach with a side choke attempt. Quach with knees to the back of Oshiro. Oshiro with a knee to the head from bottom. Quach goes for the armbar again. Round ends.

(SB scores it 10-9 Quach. Still have no idea how Oshiro escaped either armbar. Fight of the year candidate on our hands.)

R3-Oshiro with a leg kick and again Quach shoots in and gets the takedown. This time Oshiro has him in full guard however. Quach is so technical. Works to half guard. Crowd boo’s, hoping for a stand up. Quach hasn’t thrown a strike yet. A knee to the back. Now he has north-south. Back to side. Ref stands them up. Two back kicks from Oshiro. Quach with a bg right hand. Oshiro answers with a right. Big knee by Oshiro. Down goes Quach. Quach though going for a knee bar. Oshiro just misses a triangle. Back and forth on the ground and on the feet. Quach back in Oshiro’s full guard. 1 minute left. Fighters seem to be stalling on the ground. Not much action. Quach with a couple knees. Quach seems content to hold him in side control. Oshiro trying to throw knees from the bottom. 10 seconds. Going to the scorecards.

(SB scores the round 10-9 Oshiro; 29-28 Quach)

Will Quach get a decision win over the local boy in Hawaii? Oshiro limps to his corner.

Winner—Bao Quach def. Mark Oshiro by unanimous decision to become the NEW Icon Sport North American champion.

175: Phil Baroni (11-10) vs. Ron Verdadero (5-5)

R1-Verdadero faints a jab. Baroni comes out with a leg kick. Verdadero with a 1-2 counter backs up Phil. Baroni answers with an uppercut and right hook that drops Verdadero. Shimada stops it as Verdadero QUICKLY gets back up. HORRIBLE STOPPAGE. Verdadero wasn’t even hurt. Oh man.

Winner — Phil Baroni (12-10) at :51 of round 1 by TKO (strikes).

160: Hideto Kondo vs. Sydney Silva

R1-This is the grudge fight of the night after yesterday’s weigh-ins. Sakurai is in Kondo’s corner. Said his fighter won’t tap. Wanderlei is in Sydney’s corner. Sydney is the 170-pound Icon North American champion, dropping down in weight. Pretty normal staredown. Leg kicks from Silva to start. Big head kick from Silva. Silva looks quick on his feet. Landin some shots as Kondo struggles to get inside. Jumping knee attempt by Silva. Another head kick. Leg kick buckles Kondo. Big uppercut by Kondo! Silva coveres up. Kondo gaining momentum. Big counter right from Silva. Kondo’s right eye looks swollen. Leg kicks taking their toll. Knee stuns Kondo and Silva gets his back. Armbar by Silva. Will he tap? He does.

Winner—Sydney Silva by submission (armbar) at 3:47 of round 1.

185: Jose Diaz vs. Mario Miranda

R1-Matt Hume in Miranda’s corner. Diaz is nicknamed “Bomber”. He might need a bomb to beat this guy. Fighters touch gloves. Head kick by Miranda clips the Bomber. Diaz immediately clinches. Miranda takes him down and gets his back. Gets both hooks in. Flattens him out and starts dropping bombs on the bomber. Diaz not defending. Fight is over. Diaz is complaining but he wasn’t doing anything as Miranda punched both sides of his head.

Winner— Mario Miranda def. Jose Diaz by TKO (strikes) at 1:27 of round 1.

160: Eddie Rincon vs. Dean Lista

R1-Lista with a quick takedown. Passes into side mount. Not doing much. “AC-SHON” screams Yuji Shimada. Rincon puts him back in half guard. Looks more like a grappling contest. Shimada stands them up. Rincon seems much more comoftable on his feet. Uppercut by Rincon. Big right. Lista tries a takedown but Rincon ends up on top. Can’t do much. Round ends. Very uneventful.

(SB scores it 10-9 Rincon)

R2-Powerful combo by Rincon to open the round. Doesn’t look like Lista can afford to stand with Rincon, who works the 1-2′s. Short left hook by Rincon and Lista gets a needed takedown. Passes into side control. Isn’t doing much on top. “AC-SHON” Shimada stands them up again. Rincon is killing the 1-2 combos on the feet. Rincon with some more shots. 4- and 5-punch combos. Rincon tries to answer with kicks but is taking multiple shots to the head. Rincon popping left hooks. It’s turned into a sparing session. Rounds ends.

(SB scores it 10-9 Rincon)

R3-More of the same from Rincon. Now he starts working the body. Lista landing some counters but Rincon definitely is in complete control of the fight. 3-punch combo from Rincon. Stinging him at will but doesn’t seem to have that knockout power. 30 seconds left and Lista just realized he’s in a fight. Big right hook. Rincon answers. Slugfest to end it.

(SB scores it 10-9 Rincon; 30-27 Rincon)

Winner—Eddie Rincon def. Dean Lista by unanimous decision.

150: Ed Newalu vs. Ricky “Hoku” Wallace

R1-Chris Leben in Wallace’s corner. First fight of the night with 5-minute rounds instead of 3. Newalu is ranked 1st at 145 at MMAHawaii with Wallace 10th. Newalu came in a pound overweight. Each guy taking his time. Clinching in the corner and Wallace backs out. Now they start throwing some leather. Newalu with a left hook. Shoots in for a takedown and gets it but Wallace quickly stands up. Newalu starting to find his range standing. Wallace stuffs a takedown attempt. Wallace finding a home for his jab. Single-leg by Newalu and gets another takedown. Wallace though is able to get back to his feet again. Wallace stuffs another takedown but eats a left. Wallace with a big left kick as round ends.

(SB scores it 10-9 Newalu. Very close round.)

R2-Big left from Newalu. Wallace took it pretty good. Tied up in the corner. Back to the middle and Wallace stuffs a takedown. Wallace with a big counter hook. Both guys trading but avoiding good shots. Huge left by Newalu. Wallace is stunned. Newalu doesn’t follow up. Newalu looking for one punch to end it. Wallace is cut and starting to swell above his eye. Lands a 2-punch combo but eats a right. Newalu with a left. Wallace answers with a kick. Right hand by Newalu. Round ends. Wallace bleeding from his right eye.

(SB scores the round 10-9 Newalu.)

R3-Hayato “Mach” Sakurai and his fighter Hideto Kondo just sat down in front of me. Interesting to see Kondo out here with his fight coming right up. Slugfest to open the round. A little desperation on Wallace perhaps? Counter left hook by Newalu. Wallace stuffs a takedown. Three huge knees to the face of Wallace up against the ropes. Somehow Wallace gets the takedown. The kid can take a shot. Newalu has a guillotine choke attempt but Wallace has one arm in between blocking it. Referee repositions them in the center of the ring. Wallace spins him over and takes his back. Back on the feet. Both fighters whiff on hooks. 1 minute left. Two big roundhoue rights by Wallace. Newalu catches him with a right. Newalu looking a little winded in final seconds. Each guy tags the other. Round ends. Great fight.

(SB scores last round 20-19 Wallace; 29-28 Newalu)

Winner—Ed Newalu def. Ricky “Hoku” Wallace by unanimous decision. (Definitely fight of the night so far)

205: Maui Wolfgram vs. Richard Desforge

R1-Wolfgram looks like he has the big reach advantage. Desforge with a 1-2 combo. Big uppercut by Desforge. Wolfgram just misses a knee. Desforge throwing impressive combos. Straight left by Desforge and Wolfgram clinches. Body shots by Desforge but finally Wolfgram gets the takedown. Quickly takes his back. Has one hook in. Sinks in the rear naked choke. Desforge taps.

Winner—Maui Wolfgram at 2:38 of round 1 by submission (rear naked choke).

170: Kyle Miyahana vs. Brewski Louis

R1-Brewski gets points for best name on the card. Miyahna working kicks early. Louis with a flying knee attempt. Miyahana gets a takedown. Not much going on. Big upkick by Louis but Miyahana gets side control. Now north-south. Knees to the head. Back in side control and repeated knees to the body. Miyahana really working him over. Now into the mount. Louis sweeps. Miyahan stands up and Louis staggers him with a right. Big right by Louis. Miyahana in trouble. Takes him down but Louis going for a guillotine. Miyahana escapes and gets the mount as the round ends. Very entertaining first round.

(Very even round. SB scores it 10-10)

R2-btw Chris West is referee and I just heard he has dropped out of his K-1 fight next week. Back to the ring, Louis with a couple of straight rights. Miyahana making it easy for Louis to hit. Oh man. Kick to the groin by Miyahana. Louis given time to recover. Shakes it off and says he’s ready. Miyahana with a solid left and Louis answered with a kick. Now Louis kicks Miyahana in the groin. UPROAR magazine editor Brittany Yap calls it a “ballsy” night. I have to agree. Fight resumes, and both fighters slugging away. Big left hand by Louis. Foot stomps by Miyahana. Miyahana has his back standing. Louis turns around. Miyahana gets the takedown. Round ends.

(SB scores it 10-9 Miyahana, although I’m glad I’m not a judge.)

R3-Big knee from Louis. Fighters in the clinch. Takedown by Miyahana and now he goes to work on top. Pace slows down. West stands them up. Straight right from Louis. More clinching. Louis stuffing a takedown. Blocked one by holding the ropes. Round over.

(Close fight, SB scores it 10-9 Miyahana and 30-28 Miyahana on strength of takedowns.)

Winner—Kyle Miyahana def. Brewski Louis by unanimous decision

140: Ian Dela Cuesta vs. Ola Silva

R1-Fighters doing some dancing. Monster low kick to the groin by Silva. Holy moly. I’d be shocked if Dela Cuesta could continue. T.Jay Thompson says it’s over. Bout is a No Contest.

Dela Cuesta is still down as doctor’s attend to him. He’s finally able to gingerly walk out with a oxygen mask. He was down for a good 6-7 minutes. That was more brutal than any knockout I’ve ever seen.

185: Brad Tavares vs. Devin Kauwe

R1-Fighters trading evenly early on. Tavares stuns Kauwe with a big right hand and a couple of big uppercuts. Kauwe clinching to try and regain his composure. Tavares slams him down and is in half guard. Left hands by Tavares. Tavares swinging away. It’s over.

Winner—Brad Tavares by TKO (strikes) at 1:52 of round 1.

Opening bout
145: Mark Tajon vs. Alan Lima

R1-Lima gets the early takedown. Quickly passes to side control. Throws knees to the head, but Tajob gets him back in full guard. Not much action and referee Yuji Shimada stands them up. Tajon huge straight right. Misses a spinning kick and Lima with another takedown. Sweep by Tajon who is now on top. Lima with a triangle and Tajon with a Rampge like slam. Doesnt shake him loose. Vicious triangle into an armbar. Tajon trying to punch his way out. 10 seconds left. He survives. Looked like we almost had a Tim Sylvia-Frank Mir broken arm.

(SB scores it 10-9 Lima)

R2-Lima faints a kick and Tajon with a straight right. Judo throw by Tajon who is on top. Big right hand by Tajon. Jumping superman punch attempt by Tajon misses horribly. Lima with a triangle attempt again. Into an armbar. Lima takes it.

Winner — Alan Lima at 1:49 of round 2 by submission (armbar)

We’re about five minutes from showtime. Another fight is off as Sadhu Bott could not make weight for his fight against Kurrent Cockett, so we’re down to 12 for the evening.

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