K-1 Grand Prix in Hawaii results

August 10th, 2008

Photos courtesy FL Morris.


An estimated crowd of 5,000 witnessed Turkey’s Gokhan Saki win the 2008 K-1 USA Grand Prix tournament in the first fight card ever held at the Stan Sheriff Center.

As the picture above illustrates, Saki used powerful leg kicks to chop his way to the final. Deutsch Puu was the first to feel the power of those kicks, losing in 2 minutes, 15 seconds in the first round after two knockdowns as a result of the leg kicks. Saki then took on Rick Cheek in the semifinal and did the same, knocking him down once with a leg kick before setting up a left hook to the body that crumpled the American fighter.

In the final, Saki faced tough Korean Randy Kim, who was a reserve fighter, but got a spot in the semifinals of the tournament after Mighty Mo couldn’t continue. Kim put on the best performance against Saki, but he too was chopped down with repeated leg kicks before a brutal hook knocked him out in the second round to give Saki the victory and a spot in the 16-man K-1 World Grand Prix final beginning in September.

Hilo’s Wesley “Cabbage” Correira advanced to the semifinals with a highlight knockout of Butterbean. Cabbage caught his foe off guard with a brutal left high kick that put Butterbean down for the count early in round 2. He advanced to fight Kim who ended Cabbage’s night with a brutal kick to the knee to win by TKO a minute into the second round.

Kailua’s Scott Junk seemed tentative in his first fight since ACL surgery and lost a decision to Min Soo Kim, a silver medalist in Judo in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. K-1 heavyweight champion Badr Hari knocked out Domagoj Ostojic with a left jab just 19 seconds into their fight. Hari has won nine of his last 10 K-1 fights, with his only loss coming to Remy Bonjasky in the 2007 World Grand Prix final.

The fight of the night was between Australia’s Paul Slowinski and Morocco’s Aziz Jahjah. Slowinski was put on his back in the second round twice, but answered with two knockdowns of his own in the third round to outlast Jahjah, with both fighters getting standing ovations from the crowd after it was over.


Last year’s champion Mighty Mo took a vicious knee to the groin in his opening round fight against Justice Smith. Smith also hit Mo with an illegal Muay Thai knee, but Mo fought back to earn a decision victory, but couldn’t continue in the tournament with a groin injury. That allowed Randy Kim, who won a reserve fight against Vilitonu Fonokalafi, to take Mo’s place in the semifinals.

Overall it might not have been the greatest showcase of fights, but the production level was top notch. To see a fight in the Stan Sheriff Center was pretty cool as the sound system, lighting and everything production wise was much better than anything done at the Blaisdell. Good to see a solid crowd turn out and hopefully we get to see some of the local MMA organizations put on shows at the Stan Sheriff Center in the future.

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