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October 31st, 2012

Former Gov. Linda Lingle has rejected public-opinion polls that show her trailing U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono by double digits for U.S. Senate.

The Republican sent a message to her supporters on Wednesday titled “Truth in Numbers:”

We’ve come down to the final days of this historic election and we are seeing my opponent and her political operatives pulling out all the stops to defeat me for the open U.S. Senate seat that they believe belongs to one political party.

Honolulu Civil Beat released a new poll this morning, which shows me with a double digit gap to make up in just 6 days. Like you, I do not believe a word of these polls, which are funded by media organizations and political power brokers who simply do not want to see a moderate Republican in office.

The methodology used by the Civil Beat’s pollster over samples Democrats, using 56% self-identified Democrats. Our nationally-recognized pollster believes this figure should be 42%, based on historical Hawaii exit polling data. They aren’t as far off as the Star-Advertiser (who uses 60%), but they do over-sample key voting blocks including Democrats and others.

You have been with me since day one and I am still confident that we can make history together! Do not be deterred by these skewed polls, which we know are not representative of what is really happening on the ground.

Since my Council days others have said I couldn’t win. Over and over again,  YOU AND I HAVE PROVED THEM WRONG. Our path to victory is positive and strong, and will deliver a stunning result next Tuesday.

I have heard recently from so many supporters who reinforced their unwavering dedication to this campaign. We will win this election with a final, all-out, concerted, high-energy focus on turning out OUR voters. You can make a difference by ensuring your ‘ohana, friends, colleagues, and employees get out to vote for me early. Early walk-in voting is available until Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily.

We also need assistance with phone banking each night at our headquarters statewide (See addresses below). By calling OUR voters you will help me deliver the winning coalition.

You know that this is a tied race and every single vote will matter.


Party planning

October 30th, 2012

National Republican groups have provided some financial support in October to help the state GOP prepare for the election.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, which helps elect Republicans to the House, has sent over $81,000, according to the state GOP’s most recent federal campaign-finance report.

Target State Victory Fund, a joint fundraising group, contributed another $62,800, for more than $126,650 overall.

And the Republican National Committee chipped in $29,500, for $49,500 overall.

The party groups have not directly sponsored television advertising for former Gov. Linda Lingle, who is running for U.S. Senate, and former congressman Charles Djou, who is running for U.S. House. Both Republicans are campaigning as bipartisan candidates who would be independent if elected.

The Democratic National Committee, meanwhile, has sent more than $107,800 to Hawaii Democrats for the election.

Mayoral spending

October 29th, 2012

Kirk Caldwell reported raising $603,000 in the 10 weeks since the primary election, bringing his total for the campaign at about $1.5 million, according to his campaign.

The $1.5 million surpasses the $1.2 million he raised in his failed 2010 campaign.

In a news release tonight, the campaign reported $75,000 in cash on hand. Caldwell’s campaign released the preliminary numbers in advance of posting the final report online.

Former Gov. Ben Cayetano, Caldwell’s mayoral rival, reported raising $339,000 in the same period, bringing his total for the campaign to $1.3 million.

Spending reports for the period from Aug. 12 to Oct 22 were due at midnight to the state Campaign Spending Commission.

“The numbers are indicative of the solid momentum and grassroots support since the primary election and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of our supporters,” Caldwell, former city managing director, said in a news release. “We have reached out to every community on Oahu addressing all the issues and concerns that our citizens have.”

Cayetano’s report was filed this evening. There was no immediate comment from his campaign.

Caldwell still carries a campaign debt of $218,000, most of that left over from 2010. Cayetano’s listed a campaign debt of $50,000.

The new numbers mark the first time Caldwell has overtaken Cayetano in fundraising in the race.

Caldwell also overtook Cayetano in the recent Hawaii Poll. According to the poll, Caldwell leads 53 percent to 42 percent, with 5 percent undecided.


October 29th, 2012

U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa raised slightly more money than former congressman Charles Djou during the first three weeks of October in their campaign for urban Honolulu’s 1st Congressional District.

Hanabusa, a Democrat, raised more than $48,000 from Oct. 1 through Oct. 17, according to her latest federal campaign-finance report. She has raised more than $1.2 million overall.

Djou, a Republican, raised more than $37,400 during the same period. He has raised more than $610,400 overall.


October 28th, 2012

For the second time this election, former Gov. Linda Lingle’s Republican campaign for U.S. Senate has broken an embargo on the Hawaii Poll.

The Lingle campaign was provided the details of the latest Hawaii Poll on Friday, with the understanding that the poll would not be released publicly until the 10 p.m. newscast on Sunday night by Hawaii News Now. The Star-Advertiser is publishing the poll on Monday morning.

Yet a statement from retired Maj. Gen. Robert G.F. Lee, Lingle’s campaign manager, was posted Sunday evening on the Lingle campaign’s web site calling the poll, among other things, “wacky.” The Lingle campaign also promoted Lee’s statement on Twitter.

The Lingle campaign broke a similar embargo before the last Hawaii Poll was released in July.

The Star-Advertiser and Hawaii News Now share poll details with the campaigns in advance so candidates and campaign advisers can comment. Such comments are typically included in the stories and broadcasts about the polls.


October 28th, 2012

The National Federation of Independent Business, which represents small businesses, has endorsed former Gov. Linda Lingle for U.S. Senate.

Lingle, a Republican, is facing U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, a Democrat.

“Linda Lingle was an outstanding governor who improved the business climate in Hawaii and that’s exactly the kind of leadership that Hawaii small businesses need in the Senate,” Lisa Goeas, NFIB vice president of political and grassroots, said in a statement. “She knows that expanding the private sector is the only way to improve the US economy. And she knows that the only way to accomplish that is to get the federal government out of the way.”

Late money

October 28th, 2012

Fund for Freedom Committee has spent $335,000 on television advertising to help former Gov. Linda Lingle’s Republican campaign for U.S. Senate, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

The Washington, D.C., based super PAC had only about $109,650 in cash on hand as of Oct. 17, so the donors who helped finance the ads made their contributions within the past 10 days. The interest group does not have to file another federal campaign-finance report until early December, so the identity of the donors may not be known until after the November election.

Federal campaign-finance records show that another super PAC — Freedom Fund North America — was established on Oct. 15 with the same treasurer, Michael Adams, and the same address, Adams’ Washington law office, as Fund for Freedom.

Adams is general counsel to the Republican Governors Association.

Freedom Fund North America has made independent expenditures to help Republicans in Senate races in Montana and North Dakota that are considered more competitive than the Hawaii campaign between Lingle and U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono.


October 28th, 2012

U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono raised more than twice as much money as former Gov. Linda Lingle during the first three weeks of October in their U.S. Senate campaign.

Hirono, a Democrat, raised more than $460,000 between Oct. 1 and Oct. 17, according to her latest federal campaign-finance report, and more than $5.1 million overall. Lingle, a Republican, brought in more than $206,600 during the same period and has collected more than $5.4 million overall.

Hirono, who leads Lingle in public-opinion polls, has raised more money than Lingle in the past two campaign-finance reporting periods. Lingle had the clear fundraising advantage before the August primary.


October 26th, 2012

Louise Kim McCoy, the press secretary for Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle, is in line for the post as Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s communications director.

Donalyn Dela Cruz, Abercrombie’s spokeswoman, said the administration was not prepared to make an official announcement on Friday because a decision to hire McCoy had not been finalized.

Other sources say that McCoy has yet to meet personally with Abercrombie about the job, but is expected to next week.

McCoy, a former television news reporter, was a spokeswoman for the state Department of Public Safety under former Gov. Linda Lingle.

Her husband, Jim McCoy, was a public-relations adviser to Abercrombie’s campaign for governor in 2010.


October 25th, 2012

Fund for Freedom Committee, the mainland super PAC looking at the Hawaii U.S. Senate race, has not yet disclosed how much it has spent on television advertising on behalf of former Gov. Linda Lingle.

The ad criticizes Hirono as ineffective and praises Lingle as bipartisan. IMG_0663-1

But the interest group’s latest report with the Federal Election Commission, which covers Oct. 1 through Oct. 17, does not show very much financial activity. Diane Disney Miller, the daughter of Walt Disney and the owner of Silverado Vineyards in Napa, Calif., donated $50,000. Frances Nelson, a business executive with the Bohannon Development Co. in San Mateo, Calif., gave $7,500.

Combined with the more than $52,000 the super PAC had in the bank at the end of the September, the group only had about $109,650 to spend as of Oct. 17.

Fund for Freedom paid Kristin Hueter, a Bay Area fundraiser who raised money for Lingle’s campaigns for governor, $4,600 in fundraising commissions. The group had previously paid Hueter $5,000 for fundraising services in September.

*Update: Betsy Lin, Hirono’s campaign manager, on Friday called the Fund for Freedom ads “disappointing.”

It is disappointing that yet another mainland, conservative Super PAC has decided to air nearly $30,000 per-day worth of misleading attack ads in Hawaii to tear down Mazie Hirono. This is another example of how conservatives are increasingly becoming desperate as their Republican candidates struggle to win the four seats needed to become the majority party in the U.S. Senate.