22 to 21

November 9th, 2012

State House Democrats continue to be locked in a power struggle over which faction will control the House.

House Speaker Calvin Say and Rep. Joseph Souki, the former speaker backed by House dissidents, have divided the chamber’s 44 Democrats.

There was some movement on Friday afternoon when Rep. John Mizuno, who had previously been in Say’s camp but told colleagues he was on the bubble, signed on again with Say.

Say now has 22 votes, sources say, while Souki and the dissidents have 21. One newly elected lawmaker thought to be leaning toward the dissidents remains undecided.

Twenty-six votes are needed to control the 51-member House, but Democrats would prefer to organize without the help of the seven Republicans.

4 Responses to “22 to 21”

  1. Goober:

    The 1 leaning may not make a difference if
    the 21 dissidents come to some kind of agreement
    with the 7 Republicans.
    See if Souki will have the last Say.

    Catch 22. Take 1.

  2. NikkiHeat:

    Mizuno has always sided with the winning side so he must sense a shift in fortunes- heard he wanted to be Vice Speaker so I guess Speaker Say will have two Vice Speakers.

  3. NikkiHeat:

    With a “SuperMajority” of the House, shouldn’t the Democrats be able to organize without relying on the GOP? And how will the Purity Police in the Democratic Party view cutting a deal with GOP to secure power in the House? For all of Johansen’s virtues (young, smart, statesmanlike, careful in speech) vs Ward, he comes from spending time in W’s regime.
    Calvin Say might be interested in maintaining his hold on power — his only legacy appears to be to have outlasted every other post-Statehood Speaker’s tenure– but surely he’s not willing to put his titular leadership of the Democratic Party during the Lingle interregnum would preclude any deal with the GOP making Hawaii Democrats the laughingstock of the nation– that internal bickering makes a powerless Hawaii GOP minority relevant – what will Calvin or his opponents give up in order to secure GOP support to organize the House?

  4. ohiaforest3400:

    Mizuno doesn’t wanna be Vice-Speaker. Then he couldn’t hold the committee chairmanship that allows him to conduct all those self-gratifying, self-glorifying, utterly irrelevant TV hearings

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