24 to 20

December 14th, 2012

State Rep. Karl Rhoads said Friday that he has joined Rep. Joseph Souki’s coalition of dissident Democrats and Republicans.

Rhoads, who had been pledged to House Speaker Calvin Say, said he was influenced by Say’s announcement on Thursday that he would step down. Rhoads said he was offered the chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee under Souki.

“I accepted,” said Rhoads, who is chairman of the House Labor and Public Employment Committee under Say.

Souki’s coalition now has 24 Democrats, two shy of the 26 necessary for a majority in the 51-member House. Souki also has the support of the seven House Republicans, so his coalition has 31 votes to control the chamber.

Souki has said he would prefer to have a majority of the House’s 44 Democrats but would still honor an agreement to grant Republicans three vice chairmanships of committees if he takes power.

Rep. Marcus Oshiro, who Say has recommended as his successor, now has 20 votes.

Souki had said on Thursday that he would give Oshiro the judiciary chairmanship if Oshiro joined the coalition.

4 Responses to “24 to 20”

  1. Kolea:

    OK, game over.

    I will miss him at Labor, but Karl will make a very good Judiciary Chair.

    It is time for the rest of the Say supporters, particularly the more progressive ones, to recognize the math and start coming over. We need the “best and the brightest” of the bunch to get committee assignments well-suited for their skill sets.

    “You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.”

  2. Goober:

    United we stand and Divided we fall.
    I couldn’t careless who has the majority
    only if it concerns me as one of Hawaii’s people.
    I couldn’t careless for a party of those without breath
    but full of wind.

  3. NikkiHeat:

    By my count, Souki has a majority of the Democrats (25-19 if you include Rep. Mele Carroll, too). The only Maui holdout against fellow Maui Rep. Souki is Upcountry Rep. Kyle Yamashita. I hope Rep. Yamashita is not risking his influential position on the Finance Committee if he doesn’t become the 26th Democrat for Rep. Souki. Regardless, Rep. Souki appears to have won the organizational fight and the legislators should start the pre-session work.

  4. Teddy Freddy:

    Correction Nikki – the only influential position on the Finance Committee is the Chair’s position. Perhaps the Vice Chair because they get facetime. If you have watched/followed how these committees work and I suspect you have, then you will know that the entire committee listens to the testimony and the Chair announces the decision. The members are mostly passive and too timid to oppose the Chair who controls the goodie basket for each of their districts. Sitting on Finance is a badge of power and influence, but a seat alone does not grant influence.

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