September 27th, 2011

For people trying to understand Hawaii Republican Party finances, it helps to look beyond state campaign-finance reports.

The GOP reported an $8,829 surplus in its state report covering fundraising from January through June. But the party also files monthly financial reports to the Federal Election Commission. The latest report, filed in September and covering the party’s finances through August, shows a $93,703 debt

Several members of the party’s executive committee who pushed for Jonah Kaauwai’s resignation as chairman cited the debt as one of the factors in their loss of confidence in him as a leader.

3 Responses to “$93,703”

  1. Kolea:

    Let’s complicate the equation just a bit. GOP leaders who “do not have confidence” in a party chair are likely to stop fund-raising for the Party, leading to the drop in finances which leads to the debt which is then used as a reason for dumping the chair and blaming HIM for the financial problem.

    It strikes me as a bit circular.

    Here’s a slightly different spin:

    Jonah and Dylan developed a party-building strategy which relied too much on religious and social conservatives. The passion of these folks alienated more moderate, old-time Republicans causing them to hold back on their contributions. Meanwhile, the Tea Party and Religious conservatives do not trust the Party enough to put any money into it. They’d rather give their donations to their churches, conservative organizations or specific conservative candidates than to support the Party’s infrastructure.

    So the energized right-wing drove out the moderate financiers of the Party and are unable (or unwilling) to make up the financial difference. Now that Lingle and Djou need the Party apparatus again for their campaigns, they are retaking ownership of the Party and will pay off its debts.


  2. runpaul:

    the problem with the establishment GOP here in hawaii and especially the mainland: the party is pro-war,pro federal reserve(central banking) pro-state,and ironically,anti-market.

  3. Goober:

    Some republican once said an audit is “shoddy”. We need a good audit of everything run by our government and then after we find out to get a broom and clean house of any dirt that is spread from over blowing winds. It seems that one talks of religion has no ethics, PERIOD. I just adore how people comment expecting 2 cents to turn into 15 cents.

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