May 15th, 2012

Andy Winer, who was the campaign manager for U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka during his successful primary against former congressman Ed Case in 2006, has joined U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono’s Senate campaign as a senior advisor.

Hirono has assembled many of the same key advisors who helped Akaka fend off Case for her August primary against Case.

Betsy Lin, Hirono’s chief of staff and campaign manager, was field director for the Akaka campaign. Elisa Yadao, who is helping with communications and debates, did similar work for Akaka.

Winer, who has been working at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, led Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in Hawaii in 2008.

The Hirono campaign also announced on Tuesday that Carolyn Tanaka, an experienced communications advisor, will join as deputy campaign manager in charge of communications.

9 Responses to “A-Team”

  1. InnocentQuestion:

    Hmm…Tim Johns, Sr. VP at HMSA, is Hirono’s campaign chair…and Elisa Yadao, VP at HMSA, is “helping with communications and debates”…. Question: are HMSA subscribers paying for the time these guys are spending on a political campaign? Isn’t HMSA a nonprofit mutual benefit org that operates for the benefit of its subscribers? Just asking questions.

  2. Goober:

    Hirono needs to be a better speaker if she is running against lingle. Hirono lost to lingle in her first run for governor. lingle can speak but that is all. Hirono who is Japanese born in Japan believes in Pen and Sword.

    lingle is not about Hawaii. she gave up many jobs in tourism in which she now says she will improve. she also was against President Obama’s being born in Hawaii. she is for the republican party and the 1% for which it stands. lingle also vetoed civil unions and let the public decide.
    If I who is part of the public, speaking for myself I don’t need anyone to mislead me.

    I am sure those who feel the elephant is king or queen will be saying something. Elephants leave trails. Just follow the scents.

  3. Auto De Fe:

    Winer is the guy who controlled the release of info regarding the death of Patsy Mink.

  4. Goober:

    Relevant to what?

    Only Patsy Mink’s family has total control over information pertaining to her death and Winer only released information once facts were given to him with families permission. He has no total control.

  5. ohiaforest3400:

    Oh great, the same crack team that propped up the empty suit that Dan Akaka had become has now been tapped to prop up the empty dress that Mazie has always been.

  6. Goober:

    lingle had to wear a dress otherwise I would think she was one of Da Bradduhs.

  7. Manoa_Fisherman:

    It is too late to help the disfunctional candidate and misdirected campaign. People ask why Hirono’s campaign is so bent on self-destruction and alienating voters, I just shrug my shoulders and tell the folks asking that is not my fight and I have better things to do with my valuable time.

  8. DazedandConfused:

    Wow Goober…I can’t believe that someone was able to fit all of the fallacies, lies, Democrat talking points, and utter admittance that they have no idea about what they are talking about into one sentence. Good job!

  9. Goober:

    Stay DazedandConfused. Maybe on the fringe of lunacy.

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