Post-primary planning

June 26th, 2012

Former congressman Ed Case chided U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono on Tuesday for not committing to a debate that is scheduled after their Democratic primary for U.S. Senate in August.

Case, in an email to supporters, said both he and former Gov. Linda Lingle, the leading Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, have agreed to appear at a debate before the Maui Chamber of Commerce on Aug. 15, four days after the Aug. 11 primary. The invitation was extended to primary winners.

Case has complained that Hirono only agreed to five joint appearances before the primary. Four have already been held.

From Case:

Real debates highlight records, beliefs, agendas and values. There are major differences between Linda and me that voters deserve to consider. With growing our economy, helping our small businesses and maintaining and creating good jobs our number one priority, the Maui Chamber’s debate is a great one to start with.

But real debates aren’t just about substance, they’re about leadership. I’m ready to fight for our future, all of our futures. It’s not going to be easy, and these debates with Linda will be about who can get the job done, over the next generation.

I look forward to many real debates with Linda throughout the general. I’m sure she, like me, will accept all reasonable opportunities to reach voters including statewide televised debates on our main stations.

Carolyn Tanaka, a spokeswoman for the Hirono campaign, wondered what Case and Lingle would have to debate.

Ed Case and Mazie have appeared in four primary debates already including one before the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association. Linda Lingle was invited and she did not show up. Her GOP primary opponent, John Carroll participated. To date Linda Lingle has refused to appear in any debates with former State Senator John Carroll.

If this event were to take place, there is little for Ed Case and Linda Lingle to debate given how much they agree from raising the retirement age for Social Security to supporting President Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq , to Ed Case’s opposition to President Obama’s Jobs Act and Linda Lingle’s continued silence against existing proposals to create jobs here in Hawaii and across the country. It would not be much of a debate — more like a family reunion.

*Update: Carroll, Lingle’s primary opponent, also had a chuckle over Case’s missive.

Did the primary end and Mazie and I have lost?

I must have overslept!

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  1. Keith Rollman:

    If Lingle wants to debate so much, she should start with John Carroll, who she’s been ducking for months.

  2. galekaminari:

    That is one of the funniest political commentaries I have read! After watching the PBS debate between Case and Hirono, I have to say that I can see that it is also true in spades. Ed’s positions are so Republican! He wants zero economic stimulus. He wants to raise the vesting ages people need to reach before being eligible for Social Security and Medicare. He voted for the Iraq War despite no evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction AND the fact that the rest of the delegation voted against the Iraq War for that reason. He bleated in the PBS debate, “I was supposed to follow a minority delegation??” It was his own delegation, OUR delegation, the Hawaii delegation, but all he thought of it was some miscellaneous Minority delegation.

    I do not know why Ed wants to have more debates. It must be because he has almost no $. It certainly is not because he can debate decently. Mazie Hirono so dominated the PBS debate that only a truly desperate person, or a very egotistical one, would continue to bay for more debates. Ed is probably both.

  3. Recce:

    Hey Lazy Mazie … why don’t you agree to these debates but insist you send your spokeswoman Tanaka? We’ve heard 100 times more from her this campaign season alone on the topic of “why Hirono refuses to debate” than we’ve heard from you during your entire do-nothing tenure on Capital Hill.

  4. GoodOlBoy:

    KR- Lingle knows John Carroll would out-class, out-charm, out-debate and utterly expose her.

  5. Macarena Hirono:

    Stop with the oh “Case and Hirono already debated 4 times” line already, it really makes the Congresswoman look even more pathetic. We need real debates like the Douglass/Lincoln debates where they get to you know…DEBATE. The 4 “debates” were really lackluster theresayof and they were more like pleasantries at best. I am a voter and I want a real debate!

  6. Goober:

    Case acts tough but when it does not go his way, he cries foul.
    Case is a typical “missionary”. Maybe born and raised here, he
    still thinks Mainland not Island.

    Carroll ain’t no Snow White. Maybe a Rip Van Winkle. Overslept and years later, he will be running against George Jetson.

    Keep lingle off of Maui.

    Seems one calls Mazie Hirono “lazy” but I must say, she is in office and one just comments. Maybe you should run for office and let’s see how “lazy” you are.
    If you can do better than Mazie, you run for office yourself. All talk and no action?

  7. ohiaforest3400:

    Well, I agree with Ms. Tanaka that more debates might be pointless, but for a different reason: while Ed Case may be too Republican, and I may have to vote for Mazie for that reason alone, I’m tired of Mazie answering every question with a canned answer, sometimes to a different question! She is like a doll with a a string in the back: pull the string and get an answer, any answer. She displays no ability to think on her feet, something that will be painfully obvious against Lingle and serve Hawaii poorly on the Senate floor.

    I just don’t get how blind adherence to stock positions — regardless of reality — reflects any real substance. Sure, I value principle over expedience but, in the case of Social Security, for example, there has to be a reasoned discussion about how to keep it working. There are two sides to the equation — revenue and expenditure. We can’t just tax our way to SS sustainability, but surely we need to apply that tax more equitably, more broadly (such as to Mitt Romney’s massive passive income). But we also have to consider the expenditure side. When Social Security was enacted in the 1930′s, life expectancy was, I believe, in the late 60′s, hence the 65 year old eligibility threshhhold. Now, life expectancy is in the late 70′s to early 80′s, people are working longer, and the population of younger workers is shrinking. Mazie won’t address either side of the equation, simply responding, automaton-like, “We made a commitment.” So did the builders of the Titanic and we know what happened there, don’t we?

    So, yeah, more debates are probably pointless.

  8. Goober:

    Builders of the Titanic were British.
    Americans are too arrogant to build something that will sink. A canoe can tip over.

    There are those who can debate with words as case (dino) or lingle (rino) that can talk but talk and no action.

  9. Kolea:

    Here’s some “post-primary planning” advice for Ed Case. IF you lose the Democratic primary, please have the class to show up at the next morning’s “Unity Breakfast” this time, instead of sulking and refusing to come, like you did when you lost to Danny Akaka.

    Ed Case likes to think of himself as “independent.” But too often, he does things which suggest he is simply self-centered and non-cooperative. Already this election, he has reverted to the same attacks he made on Akaka, who he derided as being “on the left fringe of the Democratic Party.” This time, he is repeatedly denouncing Mazie Hirono as being “on the extreme left” of the party. Such language may resonate with Ed’s Republican and Small Business Hawaii supporters. But they are offensive to most Democrats and are a symptom of his scorched earth strategy. If Ed does not win the nomination, he WANTS Mazie to lose to Lingle and does not care if his rightwing attacks on Mazie weaken her for the general election. Who should Ed’s supporters vote for if Ed loses? The “extremist” Mazie Hirono or the “moderate” Linda Lingle? (Hey, Ed! Have you ever said Sam Slom is “an extremist”? Is Lingle “an extremist”? Or are you more comfortable with their ideas than you are with Mazie’s?)

    The post-primary Unity Breakfast is an excellent opportunity for Ed is display good sportsmanship should he lose. It is much like how a Little League team is taught to shake hands with the opposing team after a game. Or when two tennis players congratulate each other after a hard fought match. Ed has– repeatedly– brushed off opportunities to demonstrate good sportsmanship and class. Since he is now saying he learns more from his losses than his victories, maybe he’ll have another chance to demonstrate what he has learned.

  10. GoodOlBoy:

    Kolea, I saw Case was at a memorial ceremony at Punchbowl that Gen. Shinseki was the keynote speaker the morning after the 2006 primary. More class than showing up at a “Unity Breakfast” IMHO.

  11. Goober:

    By some miracle maybe a Saint would be made from a missionary.

  12. Kolea:


    Really? A politician shows up at an event to honor fallen veterans and you give them points for sincerity? You sound like a pretty easy sell. I suppose if a politician wears a flag pin on his lapel, that makes him a patriot?

    When a politician tells you they have a “scheduling conflict” with your event, 9 out of ten times it means you are a low priority for them. Ed has never been a gracious loser. Or even a gracious competitor. His treatment of Akaka was contemptible. Not because he ran against Akaka. But because he tried to portray Akaka as senile and incompetent. And as a political “extremist.” Just as he is now doing with Mazie. If Ed truly had “class,” he would speak to where he and Mazie disagree, without the need to use damaging and unfair labels of this sort.

    And again I ask, if Ed thinks Mazie is an “extremist,” what about Linda Lingle and his buddy Sam Slom?

  13. Goober:

    lingle who?
    If lingle ran against someone else besides Mazie, she would have lost.

    Like some lingle, can sure use big words but all talk and no action.

  14. Goober:

    “Speak softly but carry a big stick”.
    Many can talk and use big words but with little meaning. More action, less talk.

  15. GoodOlBoy:

    Kolea, I don’t speak for Ed Case, but I do know that some things are more important than showing face at a political “unity breakfast” regardless of which party you may be a member of. Maybe you should lead the effort to make the “unity breakfast” another purity requirement for Democratic candidates.

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