`Aloha, Hawaii.’

November 3rd, 2012

Hawaii-born President Barack Obama has cut a radio advertisement on behalf of U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono’s Democratic campaign for U.S. Senate.

Hirono is up against former Gov. Linda Lingle, a Republican, in Tuesday’s election. Unlike some Senate candidates on the mainland, Hirono has consistently cited her support for Obama’s agenda in her campaign. Lingle, unlike most Republican candidates, has minimized her criticism of Obama in a state traditionally dominated by Democrats and proud of the president’s local roots.

Here is the script of the radio spot:

Aloha, Hawaii.

This is President Obama.

Our country has made real progress you can be proud of.

We can’t turn back now.

Which is exactly why I’m urging you to send Mazie Hirono to the United States Senate.

Years ago, Mazie worked with my late grandmother.  So Mazie isn’t just a reliable partner of mine in Washington; she is part of my ohana at home in Hawaii.

Now, I need Mazie’s cooperative style and commitment to middle-class families in the U.S. Senate.

Mazie is a nationally-recognized leader in early-childhood education.

A staunch defender of Medicare and Social Security.

And I rely on Mazie to fight for middle-class priorities – like passage of the American Jobs Act to create new jobs in Hawaii and across the country.

This is President Obama.  Asking you to send my ally and friend, Mazie Hirono, to the United States Senate.

Let’s keep Hawaii and our country moving forward.


Hirono, in a statement, said she was humbled that the president would speak on her behalf.

Like so many of us in Hawaii, I am inspired to be part of President Obama’s ohana. In the U.S. Senate, I will continue to work cooperatively with President Obama to move our economy, our middle class families and our country forward.

Retired Maj. Gen. Robert G.F. Lee, Lingle’s campaign manager, said an Obama ad was not unexpected.

This ad is not unexpected. To bring this in so late in the election reinforces what we are seeing on the ground – growing momentum for Governor Lingle and Hirono’s DC-run campaign floundering. She is pulling out all the stops in the last few days, including inviting in a mainland SuperPAC, to talk about anything but her ineffective, nonexistent record of results for the people of Hawaii.

Linda Lingle would not be going to Washington, D.C. to work for President Obama or Governor Romney – she is going to work for the people of Hawaii.

hirono 2012 Radio Spot – President UNSLATED

4 Responses to “`Aloha, Hawaii.’”

  1. Goober:

    Where is lingle’s endorsement from President Obama since she recently is pictured with him showing a “shaka”?


  2. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Where is Mitt’s endorsement of Lingle? She is not good enough for him? Or, is it the reverse?

  3. Eric4Senate:

    Wow, Even Obama admits how bad Hirono is doing. Even SA has to admit that no other US Senate candidate would touch Obama with a ten feet pole. Johnny come lately is not going to deceive the people again.

    People just you tube.
    Obama 2016
    Obama Deception HQ
    Obama the man who fooled the world
    or for fun watch the music video of Gotee’s “Obama that I Use to Know”

    Just to name a few videos of the real story of Hussein Obama
    In all seriousness.
    It’s our children’s future that is at stake versus a “New World Order” that Obama is establishing

  4. Diogenes Sinope:

    “Hussein Obama”?

    Aren’t you people tired of that old false accusation?
    Would he be a “traitor” in your eyes being the one who had Osama bin Laden killed?

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