May 25th, 2011

State Sen. Clayton Hee, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee, has amended his annual financial disclosure report with the state Ethics Commission, acknowledging that he made a mistake by not fully describing his finances in his initial report.

“I made a mistake. I take full responsibility for it. As soon as I was notified of it, I corrected it immediately,” the senator said in an email. “It was human error, and I’m a human being. I apologize for my error.”

Ian Lind, a blogger and former legislative staffer and newspaper reporter, posted an item about Hee (D, Kahuku-Kaneohe) on his blog on Saturday after noticing a difference between the senator’s report and the disclosure filed by the senator’s wife, Lynne Waters, the associate vice president for external affairs and university relations at the University of Hawaii.

Leslie Kondo, the executive director of the state Ethics Commission, said it would be up to the commission whether Hee would face any type of sanction.

“If there’s going to be punishment doled out, it will be by the commission. That’s all I can say. I don’t know what the commission’s inclination is,” he said.

13 Responses to “Amendment”

  1. Jordan:

    A human error that lasted for several filings over a period of several years? Dubious.

  2. Eric Marshall:

    Hee knows he will get only a fine for a couple thousand dollars which is a slap on wrist for such obvious violation. Look at all of the past violations and you might be surprised that you never heard them before. He has being hiding his fianances for years.

  3. Babyblue:

    You notice that these political idiots only apologize after their fabrication, lies, or deliberate errors are revealed and Hee is no exception.
    Just like these criminals in court. They apologize just before their sentencing hoping to get a reprieve from the court or forgiveness from the court for a lighter sentence.


  4. Chicken Grease:

    Well. You don’t see a politician apologizing so immediately nowadays, so, give him kudos for that. A Grease was in the presence of a Lynn Waters a few times and she’s a genuinely nice lady.

    But, if Hee gets ethics commission SLAMMED (i.e., their version of MMA knockouts), a Grease’ll see it as bachi for Hee’s support of a certain Ehren Watada and let’s not forget Hee’s support for the recently-passed civil unions bill as well (which a Grease thinks might suddenly become voided before can take effect in January; heard it predicted here first ;)).

  5. Jim Wright:

    Anything in either Hee’s disclosure or that of his wife that was significant?

    Would have been good to note that Lind’s recent “legislative staffer” experience was with Lyla Berg who is Hee’s ex-wife. Her political opponents came in for very close scrutiny by Lind — and now Hee and his present spouse have as well.

    The political and the personal have a way of merging.

    Does not change Hee’s failure. Does provide some context to what otherwise seems like “investigative blogging”.

  6. Lemunui:

    I’m just wondering why the University of Hawaii needs an “associate vice president for external affairs and university relations”? The position has to pay in the six figures and require various assistants and secretaries. All this expense at a time when University classes which seniors need to take to graduate in a timely manner are dropped.

    I have nothing against Clayton Hee’s wife, Lynn Waters. In times of fiscal austerity, though, perhaps “external affairs” could have a lower priority up there in Manoa.

  7. Walking Vaughn:

    “It was human being and I am an human error.” — Clayton Hee in a rare moment of lucidity.

  8. Goober:

    Are there any honest Lawyers in Hawaii? This would answer all ethic questions.
    If they say they are honest, they already lie.

  9. Walking Vaughn:

    Hee’s still leaving out the tapayer funded $500M Sandwich Isles Communciations scam run by his brother. If Clayton isn’t getting a cut of that action, I’ll eat my fedora.

  10. zzzzzzzzing:

    Reminds me of a song: “You’re just sorry you got caught.”

  11. Babyblue:

    Unfortunately, people keep voting for the same idiots into political office and this is a prime example which is a reflection of his constituents. IDIOTS!!!

  12. Chicken Grease:

    Geez, where’re the usual cadre of lefties on this hea Political Radar issue? What, are they too shocked at Mr. black cowboy hat’s actions? Surprised (surrrpraaaaiise, surpraaaAiiiise!)? Where are the over-explained (a Grease certainly have no idea the heck they’re talkin’ ’bout most of the time) bloviations decipherable only to themselves and their ilk?

  13. Audrey Keesing:

    I understand that the Kaimuki property that Clayton Hee owns may not have been disclosed.
    The tenant is very unhappy, because it is a flagship lot with an easement and the neighbors have been encroaching on the 12 foot wide, 125 foot deep driveway/easement, which is the only entrance to the two cottages (historic homes of the Hee family). One of the properties is a Section 8 property. I am here advocating for a disabled woman who needs access to ambulance service, EMT’s (fire department), Handi-Van, and taxi cabs. Her neighbor who co-owns the easement with Clayton Hee lives at 4011 Kaimuki Avenue. You may Google map this property on Oahu to discover why the easement is inaccessible to regular city services, etc.. We have notified the Mayor’s office, the fire inspector, and the trash code enforcement to try to resolve this problem. Clayton Hee refuses to address the easement problem. The tenant has also been without hot water for many years. When the water heater is working, it only provide lukewarm water. I also reported the laundry machine is broken. Clayton refuses to address these issues. He hung up the phone on me and asked me to stop calling Walden at his Senatorial office. I am the tenants advocate.

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