January 11th, 2013

Maui Democrats said Friday that they have received seven applications to replace Gilbert Keith-Agaran in the state House. Keith-Agaran was appointed this week to fill the vacancy in the state Senate created when Shan Tsutsui was named lieutenant governor.

Maui Democrats are expected to meet on Saturday and forward three names to Gov. Neil Abercrombie this weekend or early next week. Abercrombie could make the appointment before the new session opens on Wednesday.

House Democrats are awaiting the appointment to see whether Maui Rep. Joseph Souki gets a majority to replace House Speaker Calvin Say among Democrats alone. He had 26 Democrats — a majority in the 51-member House — but his count dropped to 25 after Keith-Agaran moved to the Senate. Souki also has commitments from the seven House Republicans, but he would prefer to have a majority among Democrats.

The applicants include former Maui Mayor James “Kimo” Apana, former Maui County Councilman Joseph Pontanilla, and Keith-Agaran’s wife, Kallie.

Here are the seven applicants:




*Anthony Edington

*Renee-May Kehau Filimoe’atu

*Alan Fukuyama

*Justin Woodson.

2 Responses to “Applied”

  1. Chicken Grease:

    This is getting very Shakespearean. Want to see the “suddenly empowered” X-geners in local politics (Tsutsui, Schatz) do some good, like Eliot Ness, though.

    We comin’. Memo to baby boomers: . . . “You know what” is nigh ;) .

    # # #

  2. galekaminari:

    Interesting that the newly appointed Sen. Keith-Agaran’s wife now wants a House seat appointment for his vacancy.

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