Back in the Game?

July 29th, 2011

Former Congressman Charles Djou said he is seriously considering another run at elective office.

Djou said today he has not made a formal decision, and may not in the near future, but that he is seriously considering another campaign in urban Honolulu’s 1st Congressional District.

A run at CD1 would pit him against U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa in a rematch of last year’s general election contest in which Djou was the incumbent. Djou had won the seat last May in a special election to fill the final seven months of the term vacated by Neil Abercrombie, who stepped down to run for governor.

Djou had emailed supporters on Thursday lamenting the lack of bipartisanship in the state’s congressional delegation and indicated he was considering a return to politics.

From the email:

The last election, while an amazing experience, took an incredible toll on my family.  I’ve never, however, stopped caring about our state and have continued to advocate for fiscal responsibility at all levels of our government.  Troubled by the lack of bipartisan leadership by Hawaii’s representatives in the US House, I have begun thinking about how I can best serve the people of State of Hawaii.

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  1. Chicken Grease:

    Uh. I thought when this guy looooohohhhhhhhhhhst to Colleen, he out-and-out pouted out, that he was not gonna do the whole, uh, whatta you call it? Oh, yeah, thought he wasn’t gonna do the whole PUBLIC OFFICE thing anymore? I mean, if he can’t keep a promise . . . You know? I mean, really.

    Can he beat Hanabusa this time around anyway? I mean, bruddah REALLY blew that one.

    Shoulda’ guessed he didn’t seem to keep that promise when he Djou’d regularly on the early morning Rick Hamada shows, etc.

  2. melancholyone:

    I would think the Mazie-less district would be easier, unless Case decides to quit the Senate race and go back to Rep races.

    Djou may have an easier time with Case than a person he lost to while being the incumbent.

    Who advises these people?

    Maybe he’s mad about the Heftel post office naming thing?

    Banned by the powers that be from SA.

  3. Innocent Observer:

    Hirono will win the senate seat; he would have an easier time if he tried for her House seat. Don’t believe he can unseat Hanabusa. She is the heir apparent to Inouye’s senate seat, unless he wants to wait until that happens. When Inouye retires, there is no doubt that he will “move the world” to get Hanabusa elected to his seat and for her to remain in contention, Inouye will she that she is reelected to the House.

    But again, don’t believe that the Dems would allow a repub to take a congressional seat for Hawaii. They will find a suitable candidate to oppose him. Control of the House is critical, each demo seat is precious, and they want to win back the majority.

  4. whale:

    this guy is living in a fog. Can’t you get it? No one bought your phony smile and hollow promises. Go away, go play with Jonah at the Repub party hq.

  5. Babyblue:

    I ,for one, give my support to Djou, as there is too many democrats running the state or representing the State. How is it been beneficial to Hawaii to have had Obama, the congressional reps, senate reps, state leg. and governor running a state that they have mired in mediocrity. Absurb….geezus, christ, the Republicans control the Congressional House of Rep. and what happened to the East-West Center….with Hirono and Hanabusa, it got obliterated like everything else…people wonder why funds have been cut to Hawaii, even with Inouye as Chairperson of the Senate Appro. Committee, yet Hawaii will get the shaft, to put it mildly, should the Republicans take over congress….heck, Djou’s voice makies sense…he is an indispensable opposition and I am tired of the Demos thinking they know what’s best for the state and look where we are at………….

  6. melancholyone:

    I think the matchups would be Hirono v Lingle in the title game, with Case v Djou in the Punahou consolation game.

    Unless Mufi shows up somewhere, most likely in the Rep race.

    If Lingle loses, maybe she’ll go for Governor?

  7. Teddy Freddy:

    Djou cannot win the 2CD. Even though there will be no shortage of carpet-baggers who don’t live in the district who run for the office, Djou’s inappropriateness sticks out like a sore thumb and just reeks of urban private school aristocracy.

  8. Goober:

    Djou has never left. He will be the new “Mr. Smith goes to Washington”.
    lingle should go back to selling Cars with her father.
    she is not a politician but a writer who points out that others spell words wrong
    or their grammar is bad. Too bad she will never know what a real grandma really is.

  9. Haleiwa Joe:

    Did Hanabusa ever bother to establish her residence in the district?

  10. hipoli:

    Yes, she did, H-Joe. She moved into a place in town a while ago. Everyone should check that one off their list of things they like to complain and criticize her for.

  11. Lois:

    Unfortunately there tooooo many sheep-union members who don’t care about the state’s needs but only their own pockets. They would rather see the demise of the state and country than to be objective of what is best for the rest of us. How does souviet Hawaii sound? Hanabusa will win again—- everyone repeat after me…..baahhh,— practice well you sheep

  12. Kolea:

    Djou is stuck on the horns of a dilemma. The Republicans in Congress have shown themselves to be ideologues run amuck. During the last campaign, Djou adopted much of the same language as the Tea Party and we have seen how the Tea Party “logic” has played out. Hawaii does not want to add yet another Tea Partier to Congress.

    So Djou needs to convince us that his views are NOT the same as the Tea Party, while simultaneously convincing Tea Party supporters that he shares most of their beliefs.

    So how does he resolve this contradiction? By avoiding the question. Politicians planning to run for a high office seek out opportunities to get free press. The Star-Advertiser gave Djou prominent space on their editorial pages to convince voters to like him. In April, Djou wrote a column on civil service reform for state and county employees. A few days ago, given another chance to share his ideas with the voters, he wrote about problems at the Honolulu Board of Water Supply. So what is he running for, City Council? Or his he just too chicken to address what is going on at the national level?

    Look at how his handlers phrased his reason for going to Congress. He is “troubled by the lack of bipartisan leadership….” He knows Hawaii’s voters are angry about the stalemate in D.C. and a Republican has a better chance of getting elected if they use words like “bi-partisan.” So Djou uses the phrase, but says he wants the Hawaii delegation to be “bi-partisan.” Which is just a polite way of asking us to send one more Republican to help his buddies in Congress disrupt government.

    What would the straight forward appeal for Djou be? “Since the House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans, we need to have at least one Republican on our delegation in order to get things done for the people of Hawaii.”

    But the straightforward appeal reminds voters that the Republicans control congress and that Djou wants to work with them, so he runs away from the standard appeal and indulges in this contorted circumlocution.

    So Charles, you have an opinion on how to fix the Board of Water Supply. Now tell us, how would you fix Congress. ‘Cause THAT’S the job you are applying for. Not water commissioner.

    I’ll take my answer off the air.

  13. Go away:

    Dear Mr. Djou: Please don’t do us any favors. Enjoy your private life.

  14. Aaron:

    Maybe he’s thinking Mayor.

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