May 31st, 2012

Dante Carpenter, the chairman of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, said Thursday morning that he may not make an announcement until Friday on whether the party will go to court to block Laura H. Thielen from running for state Senate as a Democrat.

“I don’t have anything to report yet,” he said, adding that he was being “barraged” by different opinions on the subject.

The party has determined that Thielen, a director of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources under former Gov. Linda Lingle, a Republican, is ineligible to run because she has not been a member of the party in good standing for at least six months.

Thielen has filed to run in the primary for the Windward state Senate seat held by Sen. Pohai Ryan (D, Lanikai-Waimanalo).

9 Responses to “Barraged”

  1. Goober:

    Again “Dante’s Inferno” that would put Thielen in Limbo.

    It should not be expensive to run, if she can campaign on @ $950.00 or the value of 30 pieces of silver. Would she be known as a DINO?

    Let her run. Democrats won’t vote for her and RINOs can’t.

  2. NikkiHeat:

    I saw and heard Laura Thielen at the State Democratic Party Convention (she was seated like any other card carrying member of the party elected at the Precinct Meetings as a delegate to the State Convention) and she sounded like a greenie Democrat on the Floor to me. Let her run. Let the voters in the Democratic Primary decide whether Laura’s service as the GOP Gov’s lead on local school boards, Office of Planning head and as Land Board and Water Commission chair are issues in the Primary.

  3. Bart Dame:

    But Nikki!,

    You don’t understand. There are two important principles at stake here for which Tony and his hotheaded clique are willing to drag the Party’s name on to the public stage and suffer ridicule and scorn.

    1) The added protection we get if a person signed their party card 6 months ago rather than only 5. The extra month is an excellent indicator of someone’s commitment to the party’s platform as well as the basis for a deep relationship between the candidate and the Party; and

    2) The right of the Party, as an expression of its sovereignty over it own affairs, to make STOOPID decisions, which offend all of our elected officials, most of our allied networks, most of the ignorant voters and, most importantly, a “handful of editorial writers.” Even if our decisions might not make sense, they are OUR decisions to make, by Gawd! And the dumber they are, the more it proves we are nobody’s pawns.

    Once you understand the importance of those “principles,” you will understand why Tony Gill, with the cooperation of Dante Carpenter, is willing to subject the Party to damaging publicity and suck all our energy from other matters in order to focus on the missing month in Laura’s CV.

  4. Unhappy Democrat:

    Is the Dem Party of Hawaii for real? It allows Gabbards to run as Democrats and now wants to turn away an honorable woman like Laura Thielen who actually supports Dem Party positions.

  5. Goober:

    Thielen is a Grévy’s zebra. Just a Donkey of a different color.

  6. Reality Based:

    When are we going to kick ALL the Republicans out of OUR party?????

  7. galekaminari:

    Unhappy Democrat, I agree with you! Some say that Laura Thielen is not as green as some think, but compared to the Gabbards, she appears to be an extreme Dem.

    I also agree with Bart Dame. I think that if the Democratic Party of Hawaii pursues the lawsuit, it is time for Tony Gill to step down. What an incredible failure of leadership! I actually feel sorry for Dante Carpenter, who has to deal with the horrendous mess that Tony Gill and his followers created and continue to create.

  8. Unhappy Democrat:

    I think Bart says it all best! Thanks Bart. I will add that there is a difference between what one can do versus what one ought to do. Right now, the Dems look like complete fools. And I say this as someone who has been a loyal Democrat party member and voter my entire life.

  9. Goober:

    Just the Grévy’s zebra that look like fools. Seems this one is trying to change their stripes.

    What do you get when you combine a RINO with an ELEPHANT? Still a pachyderm.

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