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May 4th, 2012

First, former Gov. Ben Cayetano came out swinging in the first debate featuring all three mayoral candidates, even bringing U.S. Sen. Dan Inouye into the fold by calling him “out of touch” on the issue of rail in Honolulu.

Next came the senator’s response, that he was “deeply offended.”

Now comes a petition from the Pacific Resource Partnership, an advocacy group for Hawaii’s unionized carpenters and contractors, defending Inouye and calling on the former two-term Democratic governor to apologize. PRP also is behind I Mua Rail, a campaign to support the city’s rail transit project.

From the website:

“When Ben Cayetano disrespects Senator Inouye — a man of integrity and honor with a distinguished record of public service — he’s disrespecting all of us.

UPDATE (4:30 p.m.)

Cayetano responded this afternoon, saying he stood by the comment and he does not feel he disrespected Inouye when he said the senator was “misinformed.” He added:

“What is there to apologize for? This is a campaign. I said some things and I don’t think what I said should be taken by anyone who is as experienced as Sen. Inouye is as offensive. For crying out loud, people say worse things about me every day.”

13 Responses to “Be nice”

  1. Aregulardude:

    I guess that just goes to show that PRP is as out of touch as the senior senator.

  2. Follow the $:

    Holy smokes, PRP is absolutely nuts. They are killing themselves the backlash will kill their Proganda campaign. Dan must be ticked off at them for doing this. The companies with will have to succumb to public pressure and cease they childish tactics and PR.

  3. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Ben Cayetano has always been a bully. It has always been his way or the highway.

    I firmly suspect that once he becomes Mayor, he will have a change of heart about mass transit and implement a new initative with his buddy, Mitsunaga, controlling and passing out the transit funds to their friends.

    Anyone want to take this bet?

  4. innocent observer:

    agree, cayetano should apologize, he has no business to disrespect Dan, someone who did so much for Hawaii throughout the years, even ben benefited from Dan’s service. cayetano has no class, get some class and pay back the over $500,000 in illegal campaign contribution you received.

  5. Atomic Monkey:

    Sign of our times…somebody posts a message to “be nice,” and the anonymous blog trolls rip on them.

  6. Jordan:

    I don’t care what Ben thinks of Inouye…I just want to know what Ben’s alternative plan is for the rail???

  7. rocket:

    who is setting the strategy for prp? Are they serious? I think this whole thing is just petty, what ben said was nothing, he respects inouye, obviously but called out the two puppets who keep standing behind dan instead of standing for themselves.

  8. seriously:

    Sign of our times…somebody posts a message that says “somebody posts a message to ‘be nice,’ and the anonymous blog trolls rip on them”…and then says, “shut the heck up, Keith Rollman.”

  9. Eric Ryan:

    Maybe Inouye should get a temporary restraining order against Cayetano for making Danny feel distressed, harassed, and embarrassed. Local Democrat machine judges would probably hand these TRO’s out like candy to any politician who is willing to shamelessly boo-hoo on the witness stand, especially someone of Inouye’s stature or lack thereof.

  10. galekaminari:

    During the debate, Ben Cayetano specifically said that he respects Sen. Inouye, but disagreed. The news showed the video of him saying that.

    What John White and PRP did was shameful! They hurt Sen. Inouye by sending an email to people claiming that Ben Cayetano said Sen. Inouye is “out of touch”. PRP is broadcasting to everyone that Sen. Inouye is out of touch, and making him look bad.

    Remember Cec Heftel and the Smear? No one hardly had seen the smear piece so Heftel was not really smeared before the election, then after the election, Heftel went around complaining in detail about what the smear piece said, so we all heard what was in the piece over and over on the news every night. Cec ended up smearing himself, poor guy. Same with John White and Sen. Inouye. I think that PRP is in deep doodoos over this harm they are causing Sen. Inouye. Pilau!

  11. Kalli:

    Since when is telling the truth not being nice?

  12. Goober:

    Senator Inouye admires those who oppose him. Shows that person who does has guts. Senator Inouye worked with Ex Governor Ben Cayetano before.

    If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

    The truth hurts.

  13. Goober:

    “Be Nice” sounds like a quote from Road House with Patrick Swayze.
    Be nice, take it outside than fight.

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