Blame game

May 27th, 2012

Nacia Blom, the executive director of the state GOP, gave the Republican assessment of the state Democratic convention in statement late Saturday.

From Blom:

Falling in line with the national Democrat party, Hawaii Democrats have once again decided that they are not running on a platform of issues. Instead, they launched into what was nothing more than a narcissistic tirade of personal assaults against individual Republican candidates. Over the past two days, the Hawaii State Democrat Convention has been a circus of internal procedural squabbling, sprinkled with baseless attacks on proven leaders like former Gov. Linda Lingle. This is not the pool of candidates the people of Hawaii deserve to select from in deciding who to send to our state Capitol or Washington,D.C.

Just a few weeks ago, the Hawaii Republican Party held its annual Convention and the focused discussions collectively rallied delegates and guests behind candidates who are ready to lead our state and country back to prosperity. Our candidates spoke, at no cost, about how the problems our country faces are American problems, and solving them will require a commitment to finding bipartisan solutions. As our candidates were focused on solving America’s problems, they neither had time nor concern to take derogatory swipes about members of the Democrat party. The DC-style politics evident in Hawaii’s Democrat Party has done nothing but perpetuate the partisan gridlock in our nation’s Capitol. We need leaders who rise above party politics, speak about issues important to Hawaii’s people, and work with whoever necessary to get our state and country back on track.

From Blom on U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, a Democratic primary candidate for U.S. Senate, who spoke to the convention on Sunday morning:

In a clear admission that she can’t run and win on her own record, Rep. Mazie Hirono closed out the Hawaii Democrat Convention today by taking all her time on the stage to attack former-Governor Linda Lingle, candidate for Hawaii’s open U.S. Senate seat.

Hirono’s tired, old smears were the latest distraction from candidates and national party operatives like keynote speaker and secretary of the Democratic National Committee, Alice Gremond, who used similar scare tactics, painting the party’s opposition as “diabolical” and “venal.” Throughout the convention, national operatives and the party’s elite stated time and again that they need to keep Hawaii’s open U.S. Senate seat as a “safe” Democrat seat.

It is quite obvious that experience, leadership and common sense solutions to our state and country’s economic challenges are not a requirement for a Democrat to run for office. Conversely, we have a true leader in Governor Linda Lingle whose commitment to bipartisanship and always putting ‘people first’ are qualities the people of Hawaii demand and deserve in their next U.S. Senator.

According to the rhetoric coming from the Democrat Convention, the only prerequisite is that a candidate attach a (D) to their name when it appears on the ballot.

The people of Hawaii are not surprised by the name-calling and caustic attacks from Rep. Hirono since she didn’t take one minute of her eight minute tirade to talk about her platform. It is quite sad that this is best the Democrat Party can offer the people of Hawaii.

It is also sad that Hirono is such a Washington, D.C. insider and is so out of touch with the reality here in Hawaii. She clearly has no grasp on the background and facts surrounding topics her vitriol espoused. And, all the public surveys prove this point: Congress and those currently in office, have the lowest approval rating in our country’s history.

In sports, they call this style ‘playing as the presumptive leader;’ in politics it is called ‘playing it safe.’ In either case, the result is the same –lack of talent, expertise and grasp of the issues eventually catch up with you and it’s only a short time before the public catches up with you, and you find yourself beat.

7 Responses to “Blame game”

  1. innocent observer:

    pure bunk. in 8 years, lingle screwed the state so badly, it almost went bankrupt. bipartisan? really, lingle does not have that word in her vocabulary. she is a true conservative repub and will uphold those repub values even though there are contrary to hawaii values. she supported bush and palin, two of the worst politicians the nation have even seen. she idolized them. if this is what she thinks that politicians supposed to be then she is badly mistaken. this is probably why she ran the state into the ground and now wants do do more damage in congress. sorry but no more, enough pain has been inflicted.

  2. Reality Based:

    Hirono and Hanabusa are two of the worst politicians this country has ever seen and Abercrombie is not far behind…

  3. Goober:

    “White noise” of different frequencies.

  4. Independent Local Boy:

    Give me a break, Lingle could not get anything done because the Democrats control this state. Hirono is out of touch totally. Keep electing folks like Hirono who do not care about anyone but themselves. Wake UP and be careful what you really want brah. Case is a better alternative and is not obviously part of the Democrat party establishment. Do you rememba?

  5. mkz:

    Innocent Observe is anything but,and is all wet. He should read the facts about how the world financial collapse caused Hawaii to have a $3billion shortfall which she turned around in 18 months.Why spout the same old attack lines? It serves little purpose. Hirono supported Dennis Kuncinich for pres. and Inouyue and Hanabusa supported HIlliary Clintion while attacking Obama. SO????? It’s over. What about the future, people?

  6. ohiaforest3400:

    Ms. Blom conveniently omits the enforced message discipline, at the expense of any real debate — or leadershipo, for that matter, that gives us sanitized candidates like Linda Lingle and anoints arrogant twits like Ted Liu to be national committeeman in rigged elections.

    Dems may be messy but at least they’re not sterile like the GOP.

  7. Goober:

    GOP are against contraception. Some believe in polygamy. Even if the 1% multiplied they would still be 1%.

    It was on lingle’s watch that thousands lost their jobs. Jobs can’t be saved nor created.
    Even if 1% against 99%, that 1% couldn’t do a decision that she alone in her office could not do without the public’s vote. Vetoed civil unions.

    Again no one remembers what Osama bin Laden said, that he would see USA go bankrupt just like Russia did in 10 years in Afghanistan. Who is to blame now since Osama bin Laden is dead? They blame whoever is in the top office seat.

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