October 31st, 2008

 Obama on HalloweenAP Photo

Whenever we in the media write a story about Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and his Hawaii roots, we are inundated with e-mails and calls from a certain segment of the population that insists the Illinois senator is not a U.S. citizen. The claim has been debunked.

Some have gone so far as to challenge Obama’s citizenship in court.

Today, an Ohio judge dismissed a lawsuit trying to strike Obama from the Buckeye State’s ballot on the grounds that unless the state could confirm his birthplace he should be removed.

And while it won’t mollify the conspiracy theorists, state Health Director Chiyome Fukino issued a statement today certifying that Obama’s birth certificate is, in fact, genuine.

The complete text of Fukino’s statement:

“There have been numerous requests for Sen. Barack Hussein Obama’s official birth certificate.  State law (Hawaii Revised Statutes §338-18) prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate to persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record.

“Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawaii, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.

“No state official, including Governor Linda Lingle, has ever instructed that this vital record be handled in a manner different from any other vital record in the possession of the State of Hawaii.”

I have no doubt this will lead some to question Fukino’s credentials.

Happy Halloween everyone!

(Blogger’s note: To save you conspiracy theorists the trouble, don’t bother e-mailing me your alleged “proof” of Obama’s foreign birth. Any such message simply will be filed with those that claim Bristol Palin is actually Trig’s mother.)

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  1. Lee-Anne:

    It seems odd that the right-wing conspiracy theorists aren’t upset about the fact John McCain wasn’t born is the USA, but in the Panama Canal Zone. To be sure, he *is* a citizen, as US law provides for military and military dependents overseas and otherwise out of the USA, but he *was* down there hobnobbing with other babies, any one of whom may well have been a future terrorist or drug lord.

  2. Nahenahe:

    Before you vote, ask yourself if you want to risk another 9/11 terrorist attack. Remember Joe Biden’s words: “mark my words, a ‘President Obama’ will be tested in the first 6 months..”. see
    Do we really want to see our local small businesses stressed more by higher taxes? Do we want to see them lay off employees and/or close their doors?

    Why doesn’t Obama spread a little of his “wealth” to his Auntie who is living in poverty illegally in the U.S.? see

    Vote McCain/Palin

  3. woman citizen:

    I See the point of seeing the photostatic copy went right over everyone’s head….
    The question was not about the fact that he has one…it is about the live birth as opposed to a certified naturalization.
    It will be demanded before Obama can be sworn in.

    Since the famed “Auntie Zeituni.” was found in absolute poverty in public housing in Boston as an illegal fleeing from authorities here, no one believes Obama any longer.
    The man made millions on talking about her in his book and on the Obama channel. He said he realized he is where family will turn.
    The sad woman stold money to eat from her state, because illegals cannot apply for public housing and welfare. Out of her trapping she still sent the schmuck nephew $5.00 out of her nothing income.

    Obama filed federal cases in several states to block the American people’s right to ask him question…..why?
    The birth certificate.
    How can a man who is attempting to break the Constitution swear to uphold it?

    Press is a Constitutional right. If Press asks a question he doesn’t like he flings them off his jet.

    He is about to be prosecuted for lies on his Illinois bar application. In the AKA area he left it blank. The name Barry Soetoro, Barry Dunham etc were left off.

    Trust about Obama is gone. His campaign for Odinga in Kenya who wanted jihad to win was over the top.
    Early voters are angry to discover that BO had time to attempt to remove their Constitution, but had no time to file papers for the Auntie.

    Petitions are starting to demand he not be sworn in, because he is a Con Artist. The demand for that photostatic copy isnot going to go away.

  4. toomanypessimists:

    Wow, look at all the critics who climb out of the wood work, that’s expected though. Barack did say earlier in his campaign that people would say to be wary of him and attack his character because he doesn’t look like those Amercian presidents on our dollar bills.

  5. Brian:

    Being born in Ohio in the year of 1961, birth certificates were required to have basic information that Barak Obama’s posted birth certificate lacks.

    Please read my comments posted with your competitor newspapers.

    It’s OBVIOUS that Barak’s website has posted a Photo Shopped version of a birth certificate claiming to be authentic. On Barak’s own website a forgery of his birth certificate is illustrated as real.

    Forgery of a legal document is illegal and punishable by jail time. I wonder what birth certificate the State Of Hawaii has authenticated?

    If the state has authenticated the Photo Shopped version on Barak’s website, then I know Dr. Chiyome Fukino and Alvin Onaka have authenticated a forged document, legally implicating themselves, which they could go to jail or at least be fired for incompetence.

    Barak’s Photo Shopped birth certificate has missing information and incorrect information

    1.Father’s Usual Occupation, Kind of Business

    2.Place Of Birth, Including Hospital or Institution.

    3.Age and birthplace of parents.

    4.Usual residence of the mother.

    5.African was not used as a description for race during that time period, Black or Negro was used.

    My question is how can a forgery be authenticated ?

    According to our Constitution of the United States of America, ONLY Natural Born Citizens are permitted to be President of the United States of America, NOT someone BORN in Kenya as Barak Hussein Obama.

    Please review the following link.


  6. Aulani Vaughn:

    One thing for sure, these pessimists will never stop whining because their white guy didn’t get elected. An islander myself, I now live in Kansas. Several years ago, when I applied for a state license to sell cereal malt beverage, I had to provide a birth place. I was born in Wailuku, so I noted it. The woman at the desk looked over the application then pronounced, “Sorry, you can’t apply for this license because you are not a citizen of the United States.” Of course I became highly agitated. Then she wanted to see a birth certificate!!! Can you imagine anyone not even knowing that Hawaii is a state? But it all boils down to one word — stupidity. People are just plain stupid and if they happen to be in a position of authority, stupidity becomes the basis for the evil of control. All these people questioning Obama’s birth certificate are just plain stupid and now we see how desperate they really are to put some white guy in office. Shame!

  7. Brett:

    Aulani Vaughn,

    Its about the law of the land, its about the Constitution of the United States, maybe you’ve heard of it before? Its the foundation of the country. You don’t just ignore it at your leisure, it is the source for every law and procedure that our government and thus our country has. Just because you are bitter against white people does not mean the Constitution does not apply to Obama, based on reasoning of “it would be greate to have a black President”. Don’t you find it odd that you had to produce a birth certificate (that shows your place of birth) to sell cereal malt beverage, but Obama refuses to do the same for the highest job in the world? That is the height of arrogance. Did you know every President that has a Presidential library has put a copy of their birth certificate in it for all to see? Why won’t Obama show his? What does he have to hide? Shame!!

  8. Aulani Vaughn:


    Are you telling me that Health Director Fukino’s certification of Obama’s birth certificate isn’t official enough? That the word of a Hawaii state official is not to be trusted? Shame!

    I can see why they needed to SEE my birth certificate as proof of U.S. birth to sell beer in Kansas, after all, I had no one to officially declare my birthplace; but Fukino has declared Obama’s birth official. That should have been enough; alas it isn’t because people were grasping at every straw they could to prevent this man from becoming president. Well it’s all over now, isn’t it. January 20th can’t arrive too soon for me.

  9. John:

    To anyone who insists that Obama is not a natural-born citizen, you only have to say:

    “Well, it logically follows that the burden of proof lies on you who make the assertion. So, please do provide a copy of Obama’s birth certificate from another country, and then your story will hold water.”

    That usually works :)

  10. Lady Madonna:

    Yeah, I work with a tinfoil-hat-wearing guy who swears that Obama was born in Kenya. I asked him to prove it. Guess what? He hasn’t!

    I find the most absurd argument is the idea that Obama’s parents or grandparents put the fake birth announcement in the Hawaii newspaper so that some day he could be president. Really! In 1961 who would have thought that we’d have a black president 48 years later? This was before the Civil Rights Act which helped blacks to vote. Back then southern states did all they could (poll taxes, etc.) to prevent blacks from voting. Considering the percentage of blacks living in the south, that meant a significant percentage of blacks were prevented from voting, so having a black president was pretty much a pipe dream. Several years later, when Robert Kennedy said that he believed there would be a black president some day, people thought he was really dreaming. Too bad he didn’t live to see this.

  11. Miscellanea Agnostica » Obama On Islam:

    [...] Oh, and in case you aren’t clear on it, Obama also is, in fact, a “natural-born citizen” of the US. Really. Honest. No lie. [...]

  12. Jon Carlson:

    All of the Obama photos are fakes and the few documents released are forged. Obama is an illegal alien. Born in an out of wedlock birth whose father was a US Citizen living in Hawaii Frank Marshall Davis the white mother is unknown. In an out of wedlock birth the mother determines citizenship and nationality. Find that woman. Her name would be on the vault birth certificate as well as her nationality.

    Our investigation has determined that Obama is older than he claims and probably was born before Hawaii became a state in 1959 making his unnatural born on that score alone. Why isn’t the starbulletin investigating the facts?

    A birth announcement for obama claimed to have been published in the starbulletin was forged. Why isn’t he starbulletin confirming the forgery? Why aren’t Hawaiian authorities prosecuting Obama for citing a forged birth certificate on the Internet and elsewhere?

    Obama Birth Announcement Forged

  13. Keith:

    Why isn’t the Star Bulletin confirming the forgery? Because it isn’t.

    Why aren’t Hawaiian authorities prosecuting Obama for citing a forged birth certificate? Because he hasn’t.

    Honestly, there are not 1.5 million government workers and the entirety of the press corps of the United States all aligned together to pull the wool over your eyes and hoodwink you into having Obama be President. I mean, seriously? Stop eating lead and drinking mercury and THINK CRITICALLY!

  14. John:


    The claims made really don’t past muster. Without any real proof, you claim that he was born to completely different people, born before he claims, etc. The claim you made about him not being a natural born citizen before 1959 is also erroneous, even if that was the case. Hawaii was a territory of the United States since the beginning of the 20th century, and while not a state, was under US jurisdiction and people born there during that time were considered naturally born citizens. When Barry Goldwater ran for president in 1964, if what you claim is true, wouldn’t have been eligible because Goldwater was born in Arizona before it became a state, only a territory. However, territories are still under the the flag of the US and Goldwater was legit candidate, just like Obama.

  15. Sunnstarr:

    The timing of Obama’s latest school children indoctrination speech is no coincidence. September 8, 2009 is meaningful to Obama for an entirely different reason. (See below.)

    Something of Interest, posted elsewhere on the Net:

    “Discovery hearing” re: Obama’s Kenyan BC, request for depositions of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates scheduled for September 8th, 8am.

    08/21/2009 44 MINUTES OF IN CHAMBERS ORDER by Judge David O. Carter: ORDER SETTING SEPTEMBER 8, 2009 HEARING ON MOTIONS: (See document for details.) In summary, the Court sets for hearing at 8:00 a.m. on September 8, 2009, (1) the Discovery Motion, (2) the Service Notice, and (3) the Ex Parte Application. All parties are ordered to be present.

    The Clerk shall serve this minute order on all parties to the action. (rla) (Entered: 08/21/2009)


    This is a Restricted Web Site for Official Court Business only. Unauthorized entry is prohibited and subject to prosecution under Title 18 of the U.S. Code. All activities and access attempts are logged

    This entry was posted on Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 at 6:05 am and is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed”

  16. Dan:

    There are numerous “postings” that the announcement
    has been declared a forgery.
    Font size, lines do not match, etc.
    Also a bogus address…
    There are Federal Statutes that apply for
    “posting” or advertising False and Fraudulent
    articles and statements.
    There are “no” statement’s or affidavit’s by
    either Newspaper’s to confirm this.
    There was a reward offered for a “original” copy
    which no one has applied for.
    Hawaii Statute calls for the DOH to send an
    announcement upon a “new” adoption whereas a
    “old” birth certificate is replaced by a
    “new” birth certificate after an adoption, etc..
    The “old” or “original” birth certificate is
    then sealed and can only be opened by a Court Order,
    which is what some of the lawsuits are seeking.

    Perhaps a “verified criminal complaint” against the
    Newspapers will jog their memory under a subpoena.

    False statement’s is a serious matter along with conspiracy.

    Next phase will be Lawsuits filed on people presenting false documents
    or alteration’s which is a felony.

    [Editor’s Note: Please refer to this post.]


    I say what I always say. All you gotta do is march out all those people that were there; the doctor, the nurses, the neighbors in Makiki, the other women in the maternity ward.


  18. Chris:

    I think this article should be re-published, because this ongoing circular situation has been without any resolution for so long.

    Plus, this is the best picture of Obama.

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