November 20th, 2012

State House Republicans have agreed to organize with Rep. Joseph Souki and a dissident faction, sources say, potentially giving Souki and the dissidents the majority necessary to topple House Speaker Calvin Say.

The seven Republicans would join with at least 21 Democrats to form a coalition of 28 — two more than the 26 needed to control the 51-member House. Say’s faction represents 22 Democrats. One newly elected Democrat remains undecided.

Souki, a former speaker, negotiated the deal with House Minority Leader Aaron Johanson, sources say.

Sources say Republicans could receive the vice chairmanships of three committees — including the House Finance Committee, which could have a Republican and a Democratic vice chairman — under the agreement.

Two years ago, Republicans had sided with Say in a leadership battle with Democrats, giving the speaker the leverage to hold off a challenge.

Dante Carpenter, the chairman of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, had urged House Democrats in a letter last week not organize with Republicans. He said the net result would create a “super-minority” among the seven Republicans while disenfranchising Democrats on the losing end.

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  1. Nalassor:

    These dissidents claim to be the progressives, yet they are forming a coalition with the Republicans. Just how are the dissidents going to advance their agenda if they are giving Republicans the power to kill it?

  2. Manoa_Fisherman:

    I hope the republican party can stomach the tax increases the Souki faction is going to be advocating for on behalf of the HGEA and all the programs the progressive wing of the Democratic Party wants the taxpayers to pay for.

  3. Teddy Freddy:

    The King is dead. Long live the King. Hope the dissidents make good use of their opportunity and put forward some real change. “Vice chairmanships” BFD – they are about as relevant as Switzerland. Most/many of Says troops were DINO anyway so what does it really mean? These so-called Dems under Say had attacked both the environment and social services. Good for the dissidents being finally bold enough to grow a set and do what needed to be done to make this happen.

  4. ohiaforest3400:

    “I’m Joe Souki the second I am
    Jou Souki the second I am, I am
    I got married to the elephant next door
    He’s still married to six on the floor
    And every one was a Joe Souki
    He wouldn’t have a Calvin or a Sylvia
    I’m his second old man, I’m Joe Souki
    Joe Souki the second, I am

    Second verse same as the first!”

    And Teddy, don’t be knocking Switzerland. Like your lawyer, no one likes ‘em ’til they need ‘em.

    -Hermina’s Hermits

  5. Fire Carpenter!:

    Time to fire Dante Carpenter! Wake up Dems! You all effed up with lacktheresayof leadership in the internal party and now you going to see it hit the fan…HARD!

  6. Goober:

    Souki and Dem are the 21 dissidents who are the real DINOs.
    Seems Souki did get the last Say but it would be
    Say who gets the last laugh.
    republicans are not the Magnificent Seven but the Seven Dwarfs.
    Souki saying he is the fairest of Dem all. Souki does favor Rail.

    Dante again is inferno and limbo.

  7. Hawaiino:

    I don’t comment over on Civil Beat, I don’t care for their system. On this subject here’s what Chad Blair wrote, it is instructive as to how political causes are spun by either naive or cynical reporters.
    Blair writes;
    “Broadly speaking, the dissidents — a word that may no longer be necessary, should they become the majority — believe Say has not advocated for progress, change and reform. That includes legislation that favors the environment rather than developers, taxpayers instead of big business interests, transparency over back-room deals, disclosure versus obfuscation, ethics instead of ethics exemption.”
    He left out some of the other notable differences between Speaker Joe and Speaker Say, including “holiness over venality, virtuousness instead of corruption, substance over style, and generosity not parsimony. ” Not to mention ” red meat not Bok Choy, malasadas instead of almond cookies, and big land owners not those small business guys”

    The question asked by anyone whose spent time at the Lege is, which side possesses the former attributes and which side the latter. We all know the answer….it depends.

    But the “dissidents” show a single minded goal for the last few years, , to attain power, and the only unifying thread to the core of their group is public worker unions. I wouldn’t ascribe any virtue or high minded goals to their cause, it’s a money grab for the few, paid for by the many. Thankyou for the slight delay (13 years!) Speaker Say.

  8. Goober:

    Seems that many forget that we the tax payers are the real bosses
    that pay politicians their annual wages, regardless if they are Democrat
    or Republican. They forget who they represent. They forget that we
    the People and that they are also of the People. As How I know.

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