February 12th, 2013

State senators, who have struggled over whether to schedule a Waikiki casino gambling bill before an internal procedural deadline this week, decided on Tuesday not to hear the bill.

“We just decided we’re not going to go there,” Senate Majority Leader Brickwood Galuteria said.

On Monday, senators set a joint hearing on the bill for Thursday before the Senate Economic Development, Government Operations and Housing Committee, the Senate Tourism and Hawaiian Affairs Committee, and the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee.

On Tuesday, the bill was re-referred and set for a hearing for Wednesday before Galuteria’s Tourism and Hawaiian Affairs Committee. Senators then decided to delete the bill from the hearing agenda.

Hawaii and Utah are the only states without some form of legalized gambling.

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  1. hossana:

    Those idiot lawmakers JUST BETTER NOT RAISE TAXES……or THEY BETTER REDUCE THEIR STEALTHY PAY RAISES FIRST…… a whole bunch of DING BATS housed on Beretania St.

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