Debt Talks

July 27th, 2011

With mounting concerns over a possible government default and the impact it would have on Hawaii, U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa yesterday held a “telephone town hall” to field questions from residents.

The call (from 2:10 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. Hawaii time) to Hanabusa at her Washington, D.C., office reached a peak of 889 callers on the line at the same time, according to a spokeswoman, with hundreds more who called in for all or part of the session.

During the call, Hanabusa’s staff conducted an telephone poll asking: “What is the number one issue concerning you and your family?”

How the 462 responses (asked in the following order) broke down:

1.       Jobs – 72 votes, 16%
2.       Government Spending – 97 votes, 21%
3.       The Environment – 25 votes, 5%
4.       National Security 24 votes, 5%
5.       Social Security 210 votes, 45%
6.       Education 34 votes, 7%

Meanwhile, the situation in Washington remains fluid.

U.S. Sen. Dan Akaka, issued this statement late last night, echoing concerns of his House colleagues:

“Reaching a compromise is critical because failure would lead to a harmful downgrade in our nation’s credit rating, causing higher interest rates on our federal debt and putting Americans with a mortgage, car loan, student loan, or credit card at risk.  I am supporting Majority Leader (U.S. Sen. Harry) Reid’s compromise proposal that would protect our nation’s credit rating by eliminating the possibility of default through the end of 2012 and making needed cuts, while protecting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, programs seniors and other vulnerable citizens are depending on for survival.  While I would have preferred a bill that included increases in revenues as well as cuts, I commend the Majority Leader for working in good faith to reach a compromise.”

2 Responses to “Debt Talks”

  1. Chicken Grease:

    The only thing a Grease is surprised ’bout all the “raise the roof” “raise the ceiling” business is how NONE of the woes are being blamed on the Tea Party.

    Ah, a Grease is kidding himself, quite actually — Tea Party’s the party that’ll solve our debt woes and not exacerbate it.

  2. Goober:

    Like trying to climb a greased pole or catch a greased pig.

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