Decision pending

August 10th, 2010

The Hawaii Government Employees Association, the state’s largest and most influential public-sector labor union, released its list of endorsements today in state House and Senate campaigns.

Interestingly, the union weighed in against Democratic incumbents in two House primaries. The union backed Daynettte “Dee” Morikawa, one of its own, against Rep. Roland Sagum in House District 16 on Kauai and Niihau. The union also chose Michael Schultz, who works for a defense firm, over Rep. Rida Cabanilla in House District 42 in Ewa and Waipahu.

Even more interesting? The union said a decision is still pending in the primary between state House Speaker Calvin Say and Realtor Dwight Synan in House District 20 in St. Louis Heights, Palolo Valley and Wilhelmina Rise.

The union is still unhappy with Say for proposing bills to scale back public worker benefits to help with the state’s budget deficit.

4 Responses to “Decision pending”

  1. ohiaforest3400:

    There are more than a few things on which I disagree with Calvin Say, but having the political courage to raise the issue of public worker benefits — and I am a public worker receiving them — marks him as the rare politician who is thinking about more than his own re-election, starting with the State’s massive, unsustainable unfunded liability for public worker pensions and health benefits.

    I am glad to say that I am not a HGEA member; they have not served their members by telling them what they want to hear (“we’ll just get the politicians to raise the GET”) and not what they need to hear (“we need to find effective ways to reduce health care costs — like promoting healthy living choices by our members — and ways to fund pensions that provide incentives to employees to be responsible in their retirement planning.”)

    Perhaps more to the point, did any of the bills about which HGEA complains pass? Nope. So they’re gonna punish him for starting the conversation? Can you say “cut off your nose to spite your face”?

  2. myviewtoo:

    While Rep. Cabanilla is sometimes eccentric and has some wild ideas, her concern is genuinely for the “little” people and refuses to always hold for the special interests like unions. So, it is not surprising that she did not get their endorsement. Don’t know Mr. Shutlz but if the district wants someone to work for them, they should reelect her. Her wild ideas shows the she is thinking and not just following others.

  3. Walking Vaughn:

    Child molesters everywhere are disappointed in the HGEA for not supporting Leon Rouse’s employer Rida Cabanilla.

  4. Michael:

    “The union is still unhappy with Say for proposing bills to scale back public worker benefits to help with the state’s budget deficit.”

    Why don’t the unions pay the difference in cost? I don’t think they would complain
    if they had to pay the difference. It would shut them down and left with their jaws

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