Direct mail

October 24th, 2012

Pacific Resource Partnership has reported spending another $14,000 on mailers on behalf of U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono’s Democratic campaign for U.S. Senate.

The recent mail drops bring PRP’s total spending in the Senate race to more than $59,000. The interest group represents union carpenters and general contractors.

Hirono is facing former Gov. Linda Lingle, a Republican.

7 Responses to “Direct mail”

  1. Chicken Grease:

    LORD A’MIGHTY!!!!! Was PRP’s backing of a Mazie known quite well, previously? Lord a’mighty!!!!. Guess a Grease got his answer/clarification as to why a Cayetano hasn’t visibly done a “as Lt. Governor in my administration, Mazie has shown courage under fire, competency . . .” etc., etc., other garden-variety words inna endorsement styling.

    Repubs are liking Cayetano due to his anti-rail stance, as a Political Radar hath inferred a while ago. Guess if Lingle wins, Cayetano wins . . . and vice-versa.

    You know. A Grease is kinda’ warming up to a Cayetano as mayor. Not sure he’s gonna get around Sen’ Inouye, though. Party, first, Ben.

    Voting day is in a few weeks. :)

  2. Goober:

    Pay to play the game of Politics.
    The more you donate the bigger the gain
    but the loss if the candidate loses.
    Just like gambling.

  3. kama'aina808:

    Gosh, really? Well that settles it. Haven’t seen Mazie since she got elected to office, and her Mom not withstanding, I’m voting for Lingle this time around. She can work both sides of the aisle, and I do believe she’d be a better fit for representing Hawaii in Washington.

  4. Chicken Grease:

    October 26th, 2012 at 9:05 am

    Pay to play the game of Politics.

    And when you’re playing this game, you’re usually sitting in a . . . chair? [!]

  5. Goober:

    Take a trip to Washington D.C., and you won’t see much of lingle, either.
    Local News does not cover much of what goes on off Islands.
    Much of her time in the governors office she was not in Hawaii.
    2008 she was at her mother’s funeral and did not attend to
    thousands of job losses. Much of lingle’s time was spent with
    palin. No one is blaming lt. governor aiona while lingle was absent.
    His watch while the cat was away to play.

    would love to see lingle get in and give her enough rope to hang her career.
    Mrs. Smith goes to Washington. her new makeover must have cost thousands
    paid by donations. “Pull my strings, I’m your puppet” says lingle.

  6. Goober:

    I sit on a chair.
    How can I sit in a chair?

  7. Goober:

    Chicken Grease “And when you’re playing this game, you’re usually sitting in a . . . chair? [!]”

    Chickens can’t sit in a chair. Their short feet won’t let them.

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