DKI Center

February 5th, 2013

The Pacific Regional Center, which will house Hawaii operations of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, will be renamed the Daniel K. Inouye Regional Center.

The center on Ford Island will house NOAA offices for the weather service, tsunami warning center, fisheries, sanctuaries, marine operations and enforcement. Inouye, who died in December, was an advocate for the center.

“Dan would be humbled by this kind gesture and I am very pleased that he was able to work with NOAA and the U.S. Navy to build his vision. The PRC will greatly improve the interoperability of NOAA’s assets in the Pacific and will contribute to the safety and health of Hawaii’s communities and precious ecosystems,” Irene Hirano Inouye, Inouye’s widow, said in a statement.

Hawaii officials are debating whether to name other local institutions in Inouye’s honor.

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  1. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Every institution, department, agency, whether state or federal, wants to put Senator Inouye’s name on their buildings or units in order to prevent the big oncoming tsunami of budget cuts to be protected by his name. Reminds me of a horror movie where a person holds up a cross to protect themselves from the werewolves, they get eaten and the werewolves state, “it only works on vampires, what idiots”.

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