Dread state

August 18th, 2010

National Republicans helped Charles Djou with tactics and fundraising during his special election victory for Congress in May, but the National Republican Congressional Committee chose to stay off the local airwaves, investing instead in a special election in western Pennsylvania.

The NRCC has apparently chosen not to buy ad time for Djou in his likely rematch with state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa in November. But the new congressman is part of the group’s Patriot Program for vulnerable incumbents, so he will get help.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee does have urban Honolulu’s 1st Congressional District on its target list and has already bought more than $200,000 worth of local ad time for October to help Hanabusa.

Any attention at all by the national political parties is unusual, since HI-01 is usually solidly blue.

4 Responses to “Dread state”

  1. OldDiver:

    The Republicans listed on the Patriot Program reads like a list of the craziest people in Congress. i.e. Michelle Bachman.

  2. Nikki Heat:

    I’ve warmed up to U.S. Congressman Charles Djou (take that, “Dan”).
    U.S. Rep. Djou may have juked in supporting repeal of DADT, but the distinguished gentleman been towing the line since then in not supporting extending unemployment insurance for affected Hawaii workers, siding with Wall Street in decrying financial regulatory reform, etc. Congressman Djou has been making entertaining comments that land him on Comedy Central. And U.S. Rep. Djou been using the “power” of incumbency (franking, e-mail) well in keeping his CD1 constituents well-aware that he’s OTJ in Washington, D.C.
    I don’t think we’d get the same PR for Hawaii if we had a pair of AJA women representing Hawaii in Congress (Has any State ever had a delegation split evenly between the genders– I think California, Maine and Washington currently have pairs of women in the U.S. Senate so Mazie and Colleen would not be a first in have an all women delegation in one of the Chambers, although perhaps in the House?), and frankly, Jon Stewart, Rachel Madow, and Keith O. need a Congressman Charles Djou to show that conservatives come in all sizes and ethnic backgrounds.

  3. Kiss'a:

    Djou could beat Hanabusa, but he’s gotta stop kissing the big boys a–es in D.C. and on CNBC and start doing and saying things that will appeal to the independent vote here in Hawaii.

  4. Mahina:

    If you want complete gridlock in DC and wish to see our President impeached immediately for any shibai reason, then vote for Mr. Djou.

    Does anyone in this amnesiac country recall what happened when the Republicans got a majority last time that we had a Democratic President? Clinton bombing Bin Ladin in Afghanistan was mocked as the tail wagging the dog, and the ‘news’ media was parroting talking points that Clinton was trying to deflect attention from his impeachment.

    That went well.

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